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  • Choices for The Choiceless The Lost Sheep

    Choices for The Choiceless: “The Lost Sheep”
    Nanette Bruneaux, Nanatte Phillips

    Quiet simply this book is about the trials of life, never giving up, and continuing to seek real life changing answers.

  • It Works

    It Works!!!
    Freddie & Sucre Woodley

    IT WORKS!!! Achieving Real Estate Prosperity in a Troubled Economy is more than a book. The IT WORKS!!! Guide includes effective contracts, step-by-step instructions and ready-to-use tools. The IT WORKS!

  • STUTTERING Getting Unstuck

    STUTTERING:Getting Unstuck
    Cheri Jensen

    This book, Stuttering: Getting Unstuck is a second edition , also a self-help book, written to share a companion fluency technique, the Cheri J. Added stretch, that she later developed and wanted to share.

  • Alles so schĂ n rund hier

    Alles so schön rund hier
    Samantha Cowen

    Das Abenteuer Schwangerschaft – frech, witzig und erfrischend ehrlich erzählt Samantha hat ihr Leben fest im Griff.

  • The Bulletproof Author How To Overcome Constant Rejection To Become An Unstoppable Author

    The Bulletproof Author: How To Overcome Constant Rejection To Become An Unstoppable Author
    Michael Alvear

    Master The Greatest Challenge You Face As A Writer: Constant Rejection This book shows newbies, midlisters, self-published and best selling authors how to transcend painful obstacles like rejected manuscripts, bad reviews, insulting …

  • Best Man Basics In A Day For Dummies

    Best Man Basics In A Day For Dummies
    Dominic Bliss

    Fear not, however, as Be a Best Man in a Day For Dummies is here to help. It's a humorous, yet information packed step-by-step guide to your role and responsibilities. This is a cut-down version of Being the Best Man For Dummies.

  • Look Damn Good

    Look Damn Good
    Janet Cargill

    THE MINORITY REPORT- PRELUDE TO THE STATE OF THE WORLD This book contains an explosive cocktail of life altering information.

  • Kittens Cougars

    Kittens & Cougars
    Carol Gant

    First, this is NOT a book about older women dating younger men.

  • Das Tier im Mann

    Das Tier im Mann
    Ulla Rahn-Huber

    Haben Sie auch schon einmal geglaubt, einen tollen Hecht an der Angel zu haben, der sich dann doch als miese Ratte entpuppte?

  • A z Blueprint for Success

    A-z Blueprint for Success
    Chris Vanderzyden

    In this book, she has organized that hard-won wisdom and serves it up for your consideration in chapters that are bite-sized and stand on their own. It's a provocative read." -Terry Limpert, management consultant

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