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  • Visions of the Night

    Visions of the Night
    Kelly Bulkeley

    Drawing upon philosophy, anthropology, sociology, neurology, literature, and film criticism, the book offers a better understanding of the mysterious complexity and startling creative powers of human dreaming experience.

  • A Dream in the World

    A Dream in the World
    Robin E. Van Löben Sels

    Written in flowing, easily-read language "A Dream in the World" details a classical Jungian analysis of a woman's dreams, and searches the relationship between religious encounter, psyche and soul.

  • Flights of Fancy Leaps of Faith

    Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith
    Cindy Dell Clark

    In these examples, Clark shows how children play an active role in constructing family rituals and cultural reality, since their willingness to make the stories their own helps to renew the traditions.

  • Social Dreaming at Work

    Social Dreaming at Work
    W. Gordon Lawrence

    In the first chapter, W. Gordon Lawrence outlines some ideas on this phenomenon.

  • Infinite Possibilities of Social Dreaming

    Infinite Possibilities of Social Dreaming
    W. Gordon Lawrence

    The chapters in this book on Social Dreaming indicate the endless possibilities of free association and amplification in social dreaming.

  • A Dream Come True

    A Dream Come True
    David L. Kahn

    Here, in this friendly, down-to-earth guide to interpreting and even guiding your nighttime reveries, discover: . how emotions are the building blocks of your dreams. the strength to embrace the fears your dreams reveal. training your dream …

  • Dreaming Your Way to Creative Freedom

    Dreaming Your Way to Creative Freedom
    Lucy Daniels

    "Being a participant in Lucy Daniels' first dreams seminar twelve years ago began a life-enriching journey for me. With this book, the public can now benefit from her insight and guidance." -Tom Mann, composer and piano teacher

  • Active Dreaming

    Active Dreaming
    Robert Moss

    This book offers three core areas of practice: talking and walking our dreams to bring energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life; shamanic lucid dreaming; and, conscious living.

  • Yes U Can

    Yes U Can
    Karim El-Shakankiry

    This book covers the two most important aspects for making real and permanent changes in our lives.

  • Making Dreams Come True

    Making Dreams Come True
    Dian Dincin Buchman

    This book teaches how to avoid the chaos of dream-time and make sleep and dreaming a positive problem- solving period.

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