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  • Budismo moderno Volumen 1 Sutra

    Budismo moderno – Volumen 1: Sutra
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    Budismo moderno es una fuente inagotable de inspiraci├│n y nos ofrece soluciones, desde la perspectiva budista, a los problemas que se nos presentan en la vida.

  • Overcoming Depression and Anxiety for the Average Joe

    Overcoming Depression and Anxiety for the Average Joe
    Jeff Fredericks

    He writes a story that starts with his humble beginnings to the dark time in his life, then to the now. Jeff hopes to help others by sharing his story with them. the book opens with the evening of his breakdown.

  • Defeat depression

    Defeat depression
    Sabina Dosani

    Whether for you, or someone close to you who is suffering, the advice within this book will prove invaluable.

  • Understanding Depression

    Understanding Depression
    Janet Mary Stoppard

    Provides an in-depth critical examination of mainstream approaches to understanding and treating depression from a feminist perspective.

  • First Steps Out of Depression

    First Steps Out of Depression
    Sue Atkinson

    Other titles in the First Steps series include: Anxiety, Bereavement, Eating Disorders, Gambling and Problem Drinking.

  • Tesoro de contemplaci├ n

    Tesoro de contemplaci├│n
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    En su comentario, Gueshe Kelsang revela la eficacia y profundidad de este maravilloso poema adaptándolo al mundo moderno.

  • Help Me I m Depressed

    Help Me, I’m Depressed
    Jody M. Ehrhardt

    The author guides you professionally in the approach to helping a family member, friend, or coworker with depression.

  • C├ mo solucionar nuestros problemas humanos

    C├│mo solucionar nuestros problemas humanos
    Gueshe Kelsang Gyatso

    Gueshe Kelsang comienza con una exposici├│n de las c├ęlebres ense├▒anzas de Buda conocidas como ┬źLas cuatro nobles verdades┬╗, que nos ofrecen una soluci├│n clara y sencilla a todos nuestros problemas y nos conducen al oasis de paz …

  • The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness

    The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness
    Carol A. Kivler

    " It's been 12+ years since Carol's last episode of depression. She credits the strategies in this book with helping her, and many others that she's shared them with, to sustain recovery and live a productive and fulfilling life.

  • A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment

    A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment
    Dana Sharp

    A Pot of Coffee and a Resentment: The Committee in My Head Is Now in Session details Sharp's journey to surrender and become willing to live life on life's terms.

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