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  • Sacred Grief

    Sacred Grief
    Leslee Tessmann

    " –Irene Watson, Managing Editor, Reader Views Learn more about this book at Another great self-help book from Loving Healing press SEL010000 Self-Help: Death, Grief, Bereavement FAM014000 Family & …

  • Going Home

    Going Home
    Bill Kemp, Diane Kerner Arnett

    This book will provide help for the person on the journey and those who walk beside them along the way. I highly recommend it." — Dr. Jeffrey E. Greenway President, Asbury Theological Seminary Bill Kemp (M.Div.

  • Grief Interrupted

    Grief Interrupted
    Corey Stiles

    If you’re ready to move out of the dark, painful sea of grief and into the warmth and light of joy, this is your starting point. While this is a journey only you can set out on, you are not alone.

  • 12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond

    12 Weeks of Winter and Beyond
    Sandy McBay

    Since each person’s grief response is highly personal and individual to them, this book is less prescriptive than it is one of honouring one person’s response to the sudden death of her husband.

  • A Thousand Goodbyes

    A Thousand Goodbyes
    Jim Huber

    Celebrates the Christian faith, sharing recollections from the last months the author spent with his father and stories of athletes who have faced overwhelming odds or triumphed over personal tragedies.

  • We Don t Die

    We Don’t Die
    Sandra Champlain

    “We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death” gives credible evidence of life after death.

  • Always By My Side

    Always By My Side
    Christina Schmid

    This is Christina and Oz's story: a story about love and loss, hope and despair and of living in constant fear. Christina's extraordinary bravery and composure is an inspiration to anyone who has ever lost someone they love.

  • Was in uns nicht stirbt

    Was in uns nicht stirbt
    Gabriel Looser

    Das Wissen um die Unsterblichkeit verändert das Leben Dieses Buch leitet dazu an, unseren unsterblichen göttlichen Kern zu entdecken – in der eigenen Seele, in Mitmenschen, in Sterbenden.

  • Beyond Life s Storms

    Beyond Life’s Storms
    Isabel Cuerrier

    A powerful account of a mother's loss (the death of her daughter, Starr), and subsequent healing journey.

  • Hospice Hounds

    Hospice Hounds
    Michelle A. Rivera

    Inspiring stories of how animals can touch the lives of dying people in profoundly transformative ways.

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