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  • A Trek in the Desert

    A Trek in the Desert
    Roberta Zybach Yarbrough

    In this book, she draws on her own observations, experience and the knowledge primarily gleaned through reading, counseling (both private and group) attending grief recovery seminars, and through her own writing.

  • Fear of the Unknown

    Fear of the Unknown
    Arthur S. Berger, Joyce Berger

    …discusses life and death, and the possibility of survival of death as a need for the health care team.

  • Grief Passages

    Grief Passages
    Gale Davis Stewart, Raythea Stewart

    It is important to let yourself experience the pain of the loss. Without that, we never get over the loss. Grief Passages is the poignant story of a mother whose 32-year-old daughter has died after an 18-year battle with renal failure.

  • But Should the Angels Call for Him

    But Should the Angels Call for Him
    Glenda Pearson

    Glenda Pearson had a story that needed to be told. This is that story. There are no words to express the devastation that a parent feels when a child is taken from them.

  • It s Not Too Late

    It’s Not Too Late
    Fred Bader, Ph.D., Linda Pendleton

    How we die is an important as how we live. This is a book about love and living life to the fullest at a time when death is approaching. The fear of facing death often manifests in silence between family members and friends.

  • Tragedy Loss

    Tragedy & Loss
    Yma Orné Campbell

    Walter and Eunice were on vacation visiting their daughter in South Carolina.

  • Am I Supposed to Feel Like This

    Am I Supposed to Feel Like This?
    Yulee Schafer

    It is her hope that those who read this book and have suffered a loss feel less alone and more at ease with the process of grief.

  • Surviving Suicide Help to Heal Your Heart

    Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart
    Heather Hays

    In this book, Heather shares life-changing stories from people around the world who have also been left behind.

  • Coping with Death in the Family

    Coping with Death in the Family
    Gerald Schneiderman

    "This book does very well what it sets out to do.

  • Blue nights

    Blue nights
    Joan Didion

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