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  • Organizing for the Creative Person

    Organizing for the Creative Person
    Dorothy Lehmkuhl

    Suggests a host of practical solutions, all in harmony with the way creative people think and act. 20 line drawings. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Art Journal Your Archetypes

    Art Journal Your Archetypes
    Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli

    Whatever your motivation for opening this book, you will discover a fun, creative path to gaining confidence, happiness and clarity in every aspect of your life.

  • Total Mind Power

    Total Mind Power
    Donald L. Wilson

    Total Mind Power is a foolproof, effortless, step-by-step procedure for using the "idling" 90% of your mind to solve specific, practical problems.

  • The Creativity Cure

    The Creativity Cure
    Carrie Barron, Alton Barron

    Draws on the recent psychological research to explore a theory that creativity is an integral part of long-term happiness, outlining a five-step program for achieving fulfillment by cultivating creative outlets and embracing healthy habits.

  • Everyone s a Genius

    Everyone’s a Genius
    Jen Fraser

    Go!” – Seth Godin, Author, The Icarus Deception “WARNING: This book will radically transform your thinking.” – Matt R Johnson, Director of Cyber Security for a major global financial institution, London, UK “This is a great book!

  • How to Be a Wildflower

    How to Be a Wildflower

    Encouraging self-discovery through encounters with nature, beloved artist Katie Daisy brings her beautiful paintings and lettering to this collection of things to do and make, quotes, meditations, natural history, and more.

  • Facing the World with Soul

    Facing the World with Soul
    Sardello, Robert

    This collection of thoughts from artists and thinkers of the past and present has been lovingly gathered over many years in the personal journals of the artist Astrid Fitzgerald and reveals something of the mystery in which creativity finds …

  • Whymap tutta la vita in un diagramma

    Whymap: tutta la vita in un diagramma
    Luciano Rizzo

    Libro di filosofia esistenziale, manuale pratico di Problem Solving o saggio di Neuroscienze e Matematica dei Giochi?

  • Ahoy Money

    Ahoy, Money!
    Paul Lemon

    Lemon offers readers an entirely new paradigm or way of seeing money, along with practical guidance as to how to implement this new philosophy. He truly teaches people how to give money their "attention" rather than their "energy."

  • Books for Living

    Books for Living
    Will Schwalbe

    'I've always believed that everything you need to know can be found in a book.' Will Schwalbe Why is it that we read? Is it to pass time? To learn something new? To escape into another reality?

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