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  • Creative crafting

    Creative crafting
    Infinite Ideas, Colin Salter

    "Creative crafting" is the perfect handbook for anyone looking to expand or re-awaken their creative side, and is packed with inspiring ideas and advice for creating something really special, whatever you're into – the only limits to what …

  • Design of Business

    Design of Business
    Roger L. Martin

    Why? In The Design of Business, Roger Martin offers a compelling and provocative answer: we rely far too exclusively on analytical thinking, which merely refines current knowledge, producing small improvements to the status quo.

  • Coloring Mandalas

    Coloring Mandalas
    Susanne F. Fincher

    This coloring book of traditional circular designs is for adults to use for meditation, healing, or creative fun, with 48 designs plus color art.

  • The Creative Dreamer

    The Creative Dreamer
    Veronica Tonay

    In this revised edition of THE CREATIVE DREAMER, psychologist Veronica Tonay blends classical dream theory with a fascinating analysis of universal themes, trends, and elements of dreams that can inspire creativity in waking life.

  • Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design

    Make and Test Projects in Engineering Design
    Andrew E. Samuel

    This is a book about the invention and testing of ideas. By describing how to generate engaging problem situations for engineering students to solve, it inspires original currents of thought.

  • Chasing Ideas

    Chasing Ideas
    Christine Durham

    Shows how to encourage awareness and curiosity in children, and presents ways to improve their skills in concentration, listening, problem solving, and decision making.

  • Inteligencia emocional

    Inteligencia emocional
    Marta Guerri

    Reconocerás los sentimientos propios y ajenos, a la vez que descubrirás las fórmulas para manejarlos adecuadamente con el fin de crear la vida de felicidad que tanto deseas. AUTOR: Marta Guerri nació en Barcelona.

  • Organizing for the Creative Person

    Organizing for the Creative Person
    Dorothy Lehmkuhl

    Suggests a host of practical solutions, all in harmony with the way creative people think and act. 20 line drawings. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Total Mind Power

    Total Mind Power
    Donald L. Wilson

    Total Mind Power is a foolproof, effortless, step-by-step procedure for using the "idling" 90% of your mind to solve specific, practical problems.

  • The Creativity Cure

    The Creativity Cure
    Carrie Barron, Alton Barron

    Draws on the recent psychological research to explore a theory that creativity is an integral part of long-term happiness, outlining a five-step program for achieving fulfillment by cultivating creative outlets and embracing healthy habits.

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