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  • The Creative Dreamer

    The Creative Dreamer
    Veronica Tonay

    In this revised edition of THE CREATIVE DREAMER, psychologist Veronica Tonay blends classical dream theory with a fascinating analysis of universal themes, trends, and elements of dreams that can inspire creativity in waking life.

  • Publish Your Family History

    Publish Your Family History
    Susan Yates, Greg Ioannou

    Publish Your Family History will tell you all the fundamentals of book production, together with the important details that distinguish a home-published book from a homemade one.

  • Appreciative Intelligence

    Appreciative Intelligence
    Tojo Thatchenkery, Carol Metzker

    Brings Appreciative Intelligence (AI) into the public discourse. This work illustrates how AI can be found in individuals regardless of position or level of leadership.

  • Inspirations

    Julia Cameron

    This collection of meditations and reflections from this groundbreaking work serves as a daily companion and catalyst for inspiration.

  • Completing the Wheel

    Completing the Wheel
    Warren Dittmar

    In Completing the Wheel, Dittmar provides an opportunity to grow your creativity through your own medium and experience a whole new way of seeing life an engaging adventure through life experiences and creative expressions.

  • Love Stuff

    Love Stuff
    Lorraine Bodger

    Love makes the world go round . . . but sometimes the world spins so fast that romance gets put on hold. Love Stuff puts romance front and center with 515 creative ways to fall in love with your one-and-only all over again.

  • The Power of Yes

    The Power of Yes
    Starr Cline

    "Starr Cline's book provides a very comprehensive update of the most important concepts in the study of creativity. Educators and others interested in creativity and innovation today will find this book a valuable resource.

  • The Creative Tao

    The Creative Tao
    Pamela K. Metz

    Be inspired to discover and explore new facets of your innate creative potential, while remaining stress-free and focused. Our everyday creative achievements define our individual and unique way of living, which is our creative Tao.


    Roberto Menna Barreto

    Deixando de lado o falso glamour e a badalação comuns ao meio publicitário, Roberto Menna Barreto aborda o fascĂ­nio que a publicidade exerce sobre nĂłs e desvenda o pacto entre sedutores e seduzidos que garante o funcionamento do …

  • Unleash Your Creativity

    Unleash Your Creativity
    Rob Bevan, Tim Wright

    A guide to overcoming writer's block while tapping one's creative potential poses a year's worth of weekly suggestions, from "Create arbitrary rules" and "Make more mistakes faster" to "Don't do lunch" and "Get Googling.

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