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  • A Journey of Healing the Damaged Soul

    A Journey of Healing the Damaged Soul
    Dominic Maka, Jaichima

    This candid story reveals how blind adulation of my father led to horrendous childhood sexual and parental abuse with subsequent complete repression and denial.

  • Sexual Anorexia

    Sexual Anorexia
    Patrick J Carnes

    Woven throughout the book are stories of recovery which illustrate sexual healing principles, model new behavior, and support motivation for change.

  • You Don t Have to Die to Be Free

    You Don’t Have to Die to Be Free
    Linda L

    What would you do if your mate started drinking again after years of sobriety? The story of one Al Anon's journey to wholeness.

  • Journey Together

    Journey Together
    R. L. Howard

    The story of a grandmother and granddaughter coping with the aftermath of sexual abuse, followed by facts and information to protect children from sexual predators and change society's attitude about this often-ignored crime.

  • Silently Seduced

    Silently Seduced
    Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D.

    In this revised and updated 20th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book Silently Seduced, Dr. Adams explains how 'feeling close,' especially with the opposite-sex parent, is not the source of comfort the image suggests, especially …

  • Mother daughter Incest

    Mother-daughter Incest
    Beverly A. Ogilvie

    This important new book describes the phenomenon and aftermath of mother-daughter incest, focusing on the victim's perception of and reaction to her experience.

  • The Body Never Lies The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting

    The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Cruel Parenting
    Alice Miller

    In this empowering work, writes Rutgers professor Philip Greven, "readers will learn how to confront the overt and covert traumas of their own childhoods with the enlightened guidance of Alice Miller."

  • Why Does He Do That

    Why Does He Do That?
    Lundy Bancroft

    Women who are armed with the insights found in these pages will be on the road to recovering control of their lives.”—Jay G. Silverman, Ph.D., Director, Violence Prevention Programs, Harvard School of Public Health From the Trade …

  • Please Stop Laughing at Me

    Please Stop Laughing at Me
    Jodee Blanco

    This vivid story will open your eyes to the harsh realities and long-term consequences of bullying—and how all of us can make a difference in the lives of teens today.

  • But I Love Him

    But I Love Him
    Jill Murray

    In But I Love Him, Dr. Murray identifies these controlling, abusive patterns of behaviour and helps you get your daughter out of the relationship without alienating her.

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