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  • Die Endzeitvorstellungen der Zoroastrier in iranischen Quellen

    Die Endzeitvorstellungen der Zoroastrier in iranischen Quellen
    Shahrokh Raei

    Mit der Bearbeitung der apokalyptischen Texte und ihrer thematischen Klassifizierung bietet Raei ein umfassendes Bild der zoroastrischen Endzeitvorstellungen.Ebook lieferbar unter

  • مهره‌ مهر
    Pouran Farrokhzad, پوران فرخزاد

    اين كتاب، پژوهشي در خصوص آيين ميتره يا به عبارتي آيين مهرپرستي است كه با اشاره به چگونگي گسترش اين آيين در ايران، نيز ريشه‌ها و …

  • The Cyrus Cylinder

    The Cyrus Cylinder
    Irving Finkel

    It has also been called the world’s first declaration of human rights, setting out the decree by which Cyrus freed the Jews from captivity in Babylon. This important volume is the first to discuss the Cylinder and its remarkable history.

  • The Zoroastrian Flame

    The Zoroastrian Flame
    Alan Williams, Sarah Stewart

    This authoritative volume brings together internationally recognised scholars to explore Zoroastrianism in all its rich complexity.

  • The Iranian Talmud

    The Iranian Talmud
    Shai Secunda

    The Iranian Talmud introduces a substantial and essential shift in the field, setting the stage for further Irano-Talmudic research.

  • The Spirit of Zoroastrianism

    The Spirit of Zoroastrianism
    Prods Oktor Skjaervo

    The texts are often markedly difficult to translate, but in this volume, Prods Oktor Skjærvø, professor of ancient Iranian languages and culture at Harvard, provides modern and accurate translations of Zoroastrian texts that have been …

  • The Zoroastrian Diaspora

    The Zoroastrian Diaspora
    John R. Hinnells

    It has also involved a survey questionnaire in eight countries, yielding over 1,840 responses. This is the first book to attempt a global comparison of Diaspora groups in six continents.

  • Ay dg r  J m sp g

    Ayādgār ī Jāmāspīg
    Agostini Domenico

    Agostini présente une edition philologique nouvelle et complete de cette oeuvre, fondée sur la tradition manuscripte pārsi qui en constitue le specimen le mieux conservé.

  • The Parsis of India

    The Parsis of India
    Jesse S. Palsetia

    Filling the obvious lacunae in the literature on British "colonialism," Indian society and history, and, last but not least, "Zoroastrianism," this book broadens our knowledge of the interaction of colonialism and colonial groups, and …

  • In Search of Zarathustra

    In Search of Zarathustra
    Paul Kriwaczek

    The result is a tour de force of travel and historical inquiry by an adventurer in the classic tradition. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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