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  • Pure Monotheism In Islam Faith

    Pure Monotheism In Islam Faith
    Muham Sakura Dragon

    The religion of Islam is based on one core belief, that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah.

  • The Transcendentalist Ministers

    The Transcendentalist Ministers
    William R. Hutchison

    This book, awarded the Brewer Prize by the American Society of Church History, is a study of the efforts of the Transcendentalists of the New England Renaissance to reform the Unitarian Church.

  • The Lost Book of Sun Yatsen and Edwin Collins

    The Lost Book of Sun Yatsen and Edwin Collins
    Patrick Anderson

    The Lost Book of Sun Yatsen and Edwin Collins?is the first study of this lost work in all scholarship, Western or Chinese. It draws its originality and its themes from three primary sources, all presented here for the first time.

  • Understanding The Bible

    Understanding The Bible
    John Beuhrens

    Brief and to the point, it can easily be used to stimulate group discussions and personal reading of the biblical texts themselves, and is an excellent introduction to the Judeo-Christian tradition for those of other faiths.

  • Nectar 4

    Nectar #4
    Babaji Bob Kindler, Swami Ranganathananda, Sumita Roy, Deacon Peter A. Solan, Swami Aseshananda, Lex Hixon, Annapurna Sarada

    The fourth issue of Advaita-satya-amritam, which signals the completion of one year of distributing wisdom nectar to spiritually thirsty people, focuses on revealing and supplicating the guru, or Guru-Tattva, the indubitable principle of …

  • No Silent Witness

    No Silent Witness
    Cynthia Grant Tucker

    This group biography follows three generations of ministers' daughters and wives in a famed American Unitarian family. Cynthia Tucker examines the Eliots, their religious tradition, and the Eliot women's largely neglected female vocation.

  • Nectar 13

    Nectar #13
    Babaji Bob Kindler, Father Abbot Joseph Homick, Kyogen Carlson, Professor Sivaramkrishna, Sumita Roy, OP Sharma, Lex Hixon

    Divine Reality is all-encompassing, ever-present, and all-pervasive — that is the testament of the enlightened beings throughout countless ages and seems to be the consensus of the writers featured in this issue of Nectar of Nondual Truth …

  • F D Maurice and Unitarianism

    F. D. Maurice and Unitarianism
    David Young

    An Anglican theologian, he uneasily combined Unitarian ideas with the teaching of the Establishment, and led a movement to improve working men's education. This is a portrait of Maurice from the perspective of Unitarianism.

  • Taking Back Faith

    Taking Back Faith
    Matthew Tittle

    This first collection will leave you wanting more.

  • All the Gifts of Life

    All the Gifts of Life
    Patricia Frevert

    The meditations collected here remind us of the magic taking place all around us. — Third in the popular series of collected meditations that began with Day of Promise and continued with What We Share.

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