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  • Original Sin

    Original Sin
    Tatha Wiley

    Theologian Tatha Wiley methodically traces the emergence and initial function of the doctrine of Original Sin, then follows its rich development through the patristic and medieval centuries, and pays particular attention to modern ideas …

  • The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner

    The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner
    Dennis W. Jowers

    The widely-accepted Grundaxiom of Karl Rahner's doctrine of the Trinity functions in contemporary theology as a means of reconciling seemingly contradictory claims.

  • Rethinking Greek Religion

    Rethinking Greek Religion
    Julia Kindt

    Explores 'polis religion' – a leading paradigm in current studies on ancient Greek religion – and shows ways of moving beyond it.

  • Resounding Truth

    Resounding Truth
    Jeremy Begbie

    This vital work is poised to energize and strengthen the entire Christian community." –John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship "This book resounds with the thoughtful, dynamic, and always engaging voice of Jeremy Begbie.

  • The College Student s Introduction to Christology

    The College Student’s Introduction to Christology
    William P. Loewe

    By surveying Jesus's life in light of the Easter experience, and by tracing the Christology process–the process whereby Christians seek to capture and communicate in words Jesus's impact–this work grasps current Christian, and especially …

  • St Francis of Assisi

    St. Francis of Assisi
    Michael Robinson

    Instead of simply narrating the life of the saint, Robson looks at Francis through the thoughts and writings of those who knew him: his parents, the local bishop, Pope Innocent III, Cardinal Ugolino, Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Clare.

  • Vida en abundancia

    Vida en abundancia
    Carlos González Vallés

    CARLOS GONZÁLEZ VALLÉS, SJ, es autor de Viviendo juntos (8a ed.): Caleidoscopio (5a ed.): Dejar a Dios ser Dios (11a ed.): Por la fe a la justicia (6a ed.): Saber escoger (9a ed.): Busco tu rostro (14a ed.): Ligero de equipaje (18a ed.): …

  • The Pietist Impulse in Christianity

    The Pietist Impulse in Christianity
    William G. Carlson, Christopher Gehrz, Christian T. Collins Winn, Eric Holst, Gehrz Collins, Carlson Christopher

    The main proposal of the editors of this volume is to correct this misunderstanding: assembling a deep collection of essays written by scholars from a variety of fields, this work demonstrates that Piestism was a movement characterized by …

  • The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth

    The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth
    John Webster

    Offers evaluations of Karl Barth's significance for contemporary Christian theology.

  • Thomas Aquinas on War and Peace

    Thomas Aquinas on War and Peace
    Gregory M. Reichberg

    The first book-length study of Aquinas's teaching on just war, its antecedents, and its reception by subsequent thinkers.

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