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  • Die Religion der G ttin und ihre Verankerung in der Moderne

    Die Religion der Göttin und ihre Verankerung in der Moderne

    Diese Arbeitsgruppe widmet sich auch heilpraktischen Themen und nennt sich ́Selenen ́. Im weiteren Verlauf wird auf die Bedeutung der Bezeichnung eingegangen. Ihren Standort hat die Gruppe im Norden Berlins.

  • Opening the Qur an

    Opening the Qur’an
    Walter H. Wagner

    Walter H. Wagner “opens” the Qur’an by offering a comprehensive and extraordinarily readable, step-by-step introduction to the text, making it accessible to students, teachers, clergy, and general readers interested in Islam and …

  • Scribe of the Kingdom

    Scribe of the Kingdom
    Aidan Nichols OP

    A powerful statement of the `intelligent conservatism' which Nichols sees as the very teaching of Jesus Christ.

  • Theology as Discipleship

    Theology as Discipleship
    Keith L. Johnson

    Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

  • The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus

    The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Historical Jesus
    Craig A. Evans

    This kind of historiography is not biography. The historical study of the Jesus stories and the transmission of these stories through time have been of seminal importance to historians of religion.

  • Teolog as deicidas

    Teologías deicidas
    Horacio Bojorge

    La exaltación, tras su muerte, del pensamiento del jesuita uruguayo Juan Luis Segundo por parte de personas, instituciones y publicaciones de la Compañía de Jesús, ha suscitado la fundada impresión de que la Compañía misma asume, …

  • Scattering the Seed

    Scattering the Seed
    Aidan Nichols

    Investigates Balthasar's early explorations of music and the other arts, before launching into a ramifying but controlled survey of his interpretations of major philosophers and literary figures in the European tradition from the early …

  • Hinwendung zu Gott

    Hinwendung zu Gott
    Matthias Jendrek

    Die Chronikbücher leiten einen idealen Leser mit Hilfe intertextueller Verbindungen zu ihrer Botschaft „YHWH ist der Gott Israels“ und „wenn du ihn suchst, wird er sich von dir finden lassen“ (1 Chr 28,9).

  • The Other Side of Sin

    The Other Side of Sin
    Andrew Sung Park, Susan L. Nelson

    Offers a fresh viewpoint in Christian thought by looking at sin from the perspective of the sinned-against rather than that of the sinner needing forgiveness.

  • Exposing Universalism

    Exposing Universalism
    James B. De Young

    In this book De Young challenges all the arguments that universalists make—their appeals to the Bible, to logic and reason, and to church history—and shows that they are unconvincing.

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