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  • Foundations of Daoist Ritual

    Foundations of Daoist Ritual
    Florian C. Reiter

    In 2007 the Chinese Department of Humboldt University (Berlin) staged a symposium on foundations of Daoist ritual. The results in English and Chinese (with summaries) are presented in this book.

  • The Taoism Reader

    The Taoism Reader
    Thomas Cleary

    This compact collection of Taoism’s greatest masterpieces introduces its most fundamental teachings and reveals the essential spirit of Tao.

  • A Daughter Of Han

    A Daughter Of Han
    Ning Lao T’ai-t’ai

    Pruitt documented this story, casting light not only onto Lao T'ai-t'ai's own biography, but onto the character of life for the common man of China, writ large.

  • Tao Te Ching

    Tao Te Ching
    Victor H. Mair, Lao Tzu

    A landmark translation of one of the most popular works of world literture, this edition of the Tao Te Ching is based on the Ma-wang-tui manuscripts. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion

    Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion
    Stephen Eskildsen

    Using a wide variety of original sources, this book examines how and why early Taoists carried out such ascetic practices as fasting, celibacy, sleep deprivation, and wilderness seclusion.

  • Lao tzu and the Tao te ching

    Lao-tzu and the Tao-te-ching
    Livia Kohn, Michael LaFargue

    Examines the traditional and modern Western interpretations of the Tao-te-ching, and its author, Lao-tzu.

  • Early Daoist Scriptures

    Early Daoist Scriptures
    Stephen R. Bokenkamp, Peter Nickerson

    This book will undoubtedly provide a better understanding of Daoism."—Isabelle Robinet, author of Taoist Meditation: The Mao-shan Tradition of Great Purity

  • Pristine Dao The

    Pristine Dao, The
    Thomas Michael

    A new reading of Daoism, arguing that it originated in a particular textual tradition distinct from Confucianism and other philosophical traditions of early China.

  • The Tao of Leadership

    The Tao of Leadership
    John Heider

    Heider's book is a blend of practical insight and profound wisdom, offering inspiration and advice. This book is used as a Management/Leadership training text by many Fortune 500 corporations, including IBM, Mitsubishi, and Prudential.

  • The Tao of God

    The Tao of God
    Richard S. Omura

    The Tao of God restates the Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu's Tao Te Ching using insights from a contemporary revelatory work called The Urantia Book.

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