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  • She Is Everywhere An Anthology of Writing in Womanist Feminist Volume 1

    She Is Everywhere!: An Anthology of Writing in Womanist/Feminist …, Volume 1
    Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

    This book will be enormously useful and stimulating to women's studies classes and the emerging vibrant study of women's spirituality. "By venerating Her I am able to salute the divinity in all women and myself.

  • The Purpose driven Life

    The Purpose-driven Life
    Richard Warren

    The #1 international bestseller! This 40-day spiritual journey will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you both now and for eternity. CBA Exclusive.

  • Meal by Meal

    Meal by Meal
    Donald Altman

    Meal by Meal is a book of comfort, guidance, and insight for anyone with an unhealthy relationship with food.

  • Return to Rome

    Return to Rome
    Francis J. Beckwith

    This provocative book details Beckwith's journey, focusing on his internal dialogue between the Protestant theology he embraced for most of his adult life and Catholicism.

  • Written on Stone Our Struggle

    Written on Stone Our Struggle
    Denver Pigman

    The book is given to help us understand that the model of explaining life must change and will in one generation.

  • The Journey to Peace

    The Journey to Peace
    Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Alphonse Spilly, Jeremy Langford

    Written with eloquent simplicity, and elegantly designed and illustrated with specially commissioned contemporary artwork, The Journey to Peace reaches people of all faiths for reading throughout the year. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Food Isn t What It Used To Be

    Food Isn’t What It Used To Be
    Christine Andrew, CNC

    This book will leave the reader with guidelines for food and beverage selections, as well as remedies aligned with God’s Word, giving renewed hope.

  • Proven Alpha Course Tips

    Proven Alpha Course Tips
    John Fairhaven

    In view of the substantial amount of time and effort spent implementing each program – and on getting unbelievers to attend them – this book represents a very wise acquisition.

  • Simon Peter s True Testament

    Simon Peter’s True Testament
    Karolyn King

    Have you ever wondered why the loving, forgiving Father that Jesus taught about is so diff erent from the vengeful, punishing God of Abraham as told in the Judaic scriptures which Christians know as the Old Testament?

  • The Mysticism of Sound

    The Mysticism of Sound
    Inayat Khan

    First published in 1923, this classic volume contains timeless teachings on the nature of vibration and harmony as the basis of all creation.

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