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  • The Directorâ s Cut

    The Director’s Cut
    Erik L. Strandness, MD, MATh

    But its not just Eriks engaging word images that make it such a great read. Its the profound and timely message he is communicating in such an intelligent and winsome way. This is a book you will be telling others about.

  • Protocol of the Palace

    Protocol of the Palace
    Sis Donnalakshmi Selvaraj

    Logline:Âż Learn how Ilya usesa mathematical equation to make his dream come true.

  • Pharmacy For the Soul

    Pharmacy For the Soul

    This book suggests holistic remedies for a variety of ailments. Each section begins with a description and diagnosis of an emotional or physical ailment and then lists a number of prescriptions.

  • Epic

    John Eldredge

    Eldredge examines the power of story, the universal longing for a "plot" that makes sense deep inside us, our desire for a meaningful role to play, our love of books and movies, and how all of this points us to the gospel itself.

  • The Blackberry Tea Club

    The Blackberry Tea Club
    Barbara Herrick

    These are the Glory Years for women, years that bring about the expansion and reorganizing of the mind, heart, and spirit, and the birthing of a larger self of immense compassion, intellect, will, spirit, love, and capability.

  • Pointing Out the Great Way

    Pointing Out the Great Way
    Daniel P. Brown

    This spiritual manual describes mahamudra meditation from the perspective of the “gradual path,” a progressive process of training that is often contrasted to sudden realization.

  • 40 Day Journey with Parker J Palmer

    40-Day Journey with Parker J. Palmer
    Henry F. French

    * Includes passages from Scripture and opportunities to reflect and pray * Ideal for use during Advent or Lent.

  • Free Will

    Free Will
    Sam Harris

    In this enlightening book, Sam Harris argues that this truth about the human mind does not undermine morality or diminish the importance of social and political freedom, but it can and should change the way we think about some of the most …

  • Religion in a Free Market

    Religion in a Free Market
    Barry Alexander Kosmin, Ariela Keysar

    150 charts and tables documenting every aspect of adult Americans by their religious traditions and ethnicity, including age, income, gender, marital status,etc.

  • ObĂ AgbĂ n LukumĂ Divination with Coconut

    ObĂ­ AgbĂłn: LukumĂ­ Divination with Coconut
    Miguel “Willie” Ramos

    This book contributes to the ongoing debate, but most importantly if does so by ensuring that actively defending and guarding a religious legacy that must withstand the test of time and unremittingly demonstrate its capacity to advance …

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