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  • Answer to the Pelagians

    Answer to the Pelagians
    Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)

    In this series New City Press, in conjuction with the Augustinian Heritage Institute, will provide the complete works of Saint Augustine for the first time in the English language.

  • A Time to Plant

    A Time to Plant
    Teresa L. Major

    This collection of 52 children's sermon, is designed to captivate and educate young children.

  • JMJ Madrid 2011

    JMJ Madrid 2011
    Equipo Editorial

    Vive todas las experiencias de los jóvenes con Benedicto XVI | Crónica y reportaje gráfico de cuatro días que han marcado un hito en la historia de las JMJ | Todos los mensajes de Benedicto XVI | Opiniones de firmas relevantes.

  • Access to High Hope

    Access to High Hope
    Harry N. Huxhold

    Harry Huxhold's excellent sermons build on the epistle texts from the lectionary to express and explain the meaning of the Lord's passion and resurrection.

  • Strategies for Preaching Paul

    Strategies for Preaching Paul
    Frank J. Matera

    Despite their importance, Paul's teachings seldom are proclaimed from the pulpit. In "Strategies for Preaching Paul", Matera provides pastors with the comprehensive background needed to successfully preach the Pauline readings.

  • The Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation

    The Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation
    Laura Lee Galan

    The Mystical Keys to the Book of Revelation is about the author's miraculous transformation that was responsible for aligning her soul with the Spirit of the living God.

  • Sower s Seeds of Virtue

    Sower’s Seeds of Virtue
    Brian Cavanaugh

    Selected from the first three of the popular storyteller's Sower's Seeds books are thirty vignettes centering around the theme of virtue.

  • Misterio de Dios

    Misterio de Dios
    José María de Miguel

    El libro está escrito teniendo en cuenta la problemática de que cuando Dios se torna cuestionable, incierto… cuando se le excluye y rehuye, todo se tambalea, la vida personal, familiar, moral, social.

  • You Are My Witness

    You Are My Witness
    Marshall T. Meyer

    Marshall Meyer, who died at age 64 in 1993, was a human rights leader and a powerful voice for justice.

  • Parables for Preachers

    Parables for Preachers
    Barbara E. Reid

    She also offers an understanding of how parables communicate and invite preachers to try out the parabolic techniques of preaching. "Parables for Preachers" is for everyone interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of parables.

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