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  • The God Who Would Be Known

    The God Who Would Be Known
    John Marks Templeton, Robert L. Herrmann

    In the spirit of Sir Francis Bacon, this fascinating exploration shows us how “the book of God’s works” (natural science) can tell us a great deal about “the book of God’s words” (Scripture). “We began this book with the idea …

  • Is Theology a Science

    Is Theology a Science?
    David Munchin

    This book analyses whether the scientific epistemology of Torrance's Theological Science project is robust enough to withstand the anarchic and distinctively post-modern challenge of Paul Feyerabend: 'The worst enemy of science'.

  • Faithful Measures

    Faithful Measures
    Christopher D. Bader

    This book offers a global and innovative approach, with chapters on the intersection of religion and new technology, such as smart phone apps, Google Ngrams, crowdsourcing data, and Amazon buying networks.

  • The Dark Side of Charles Darwin

    The Dark Side of Charles Darwin
    Dr. Jerry Bergman

    The book reveals disturbing facts that will help you: Perceive Darwin firsthand through the eyes of family and friends, and his own correspondence Discern this darkly troubled man, struggling with physical and mental health issues Uncover …

  • Uncertain Chances

    Uncertain Chances
    Maurice S. Lee

    Maurice Lee's study illustrates how writers such as Poe, Melville, Douglass, Thoreau, Dickinson, and others participated in a broad intellectual and cultural shift in which Americans increasingly learned to live with the threatening and …

  • Religion and Ecological Crisis

    Religion and Ecological Crisis
    Todd LeVasseur, Anna Peterson

    This book is a timely reflection on the legacy and continuing challenge of White’s influential article.

  • The New Flatlanders

    The New Flatlanders
    Eric Middleton

    In The New Flatlanders, Eric Middleton challenges traditional ways of looking at reality by engaging readers in a voyage of discovery starting with questions.

  • The Galileo Connection

    The Galileo Connection
    Charles E. Hummel

    Discusses controversies between science and Christianity in their historical contexts.

  • The Nature of Consciousness

    The Nature of Consciousness
    Rupert Spira

    This is the fundamental presumption of mind and matter that underpins almost all our thoughts and feelings and is expressed in our activities and relationships.

  • Science and Nonbelief

    Science and Nonbelief
    Taner Edis

    Provides an overview of the complex history of the secular tradition of science and its interactions with religions and spiritual traditions

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