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  • Proof of Heaven

    Proof of Heaven
    Eben Alexander

    A Harvard-trained neurosurgeon shares a minute-by-minute account of his religiously transformative near-death experience and revealing week-long coma, describing his scientific study of near-death phenomena while explaining what he learned …

  • The Biblical Basis for Modern Science

    The Biblical Basis for Modern Science
    Dr. Henry M. Morris

    For decades, Henry Morris has been known as a defender of the Christian faith. It's an auspicious title for such a humble man, yet no one can deny that the grasp Morris has on science and faith issues is staggering.

  • The Science of God

    The Science of God
    Gerald L. Schroeder

    In The Science of God, distinguished physicist and Biblical scholar Gerald L. Schroeder demonstrates the surprising parallels between a variety of Biblical teachings and the findings of biochemists, paleontologists, astrophysicists, and …

  • After Progress

    After Progress
    John Michael Greer

    After Progress addresses this looming paradigm shift, exploring the shape of history from a perspective on the far side of the coming crisis.

  • Scientific Creationism

    Scientific Creationism
    Dr. Henry M. Morris

    The story of the origin of all things: Does the scientific evidence support special creation or atheistic evolution?

  • Science and the Eastern Orthodox Church

    Science and the Eastern Orthodox Church
    Professor Daniel Buxhoeveden, Professor Gayle Woloschak

    Drawing together leading Orthodox scientists, theologians, and historians confronting some of the critical issues and uses of modern science, this book will be useful for students, academics and clergy who want to develop a greater …

  • Twelve Examples of Illusion

    Twelve Examples of Illusion
    Jan Westerhoff

    The book uses a variety of crystal-clear examples drawn from a wide variety of fields, including contemporary philosophy and cognitive science, as well as the history of science, optics, artificial intelligence, geometry, economics, and …

  • Has Science Displaced the Soul

    Has Science Displaced the Soul?
    Kevin Sharpe, Rebecca Bryant Bryant

    With doctorates in both mathematics and theology, Kevin Sharpe explores these notions and asks the question, Has Science Displaced the Soul?

  • A Remembrance of His Wonders

    A Remembrance of His Wonders
    David I. Shyovitz

    In A Remembrance of His Wonders, David I. Shyovitz disputes this long-standing and far-reaching consensus.

  • Man Creates Destroys Gods With Every Change In Cosmology And It All Changes Again

    Man Creates/Destroys Gods With Every Change In Cosmology And It All Changes Again
    Charles Sven

    Our changing world views, creates or destroys our concept of Gods & Goddesses. “The act of creation is hard.” – Gregory Chaitin “Nature’s laws are man’s creation.” – Moris Klein “Discovering a new explanation is inherently an …

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