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  • Soaring Prayers

    Soaring Prayers
    Rev. Dr. John R. Halbert

    This is not an attempt to tell you how to pray but these proceedings can be used as a springboard to enrich your prayer life. If you do not know how to pray or pray publically, this is an excellent start.

  • La madonna delle rose L ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo

    La madonna delle rose. L’ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno, dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo.
    Mariateresa Ranaldo

    A Gesualdo, in provincia di Avellino, per quasi cinquant’anni è apparsa la Santa Vergine.

  • A Better Way to Pray

    A Better Way to Pray
    Andrew Wommack

    Andrew Wommack uncovers the traditions and misconceptions in prayer that often bring more suffering than good!

  • My People s Passover Haggadah Traditional Texts Modern Commentaries Volume 2

    My People’s Passover Haggadah: Traditional Texts, Modern Commentaries, Volume 2
    Lawrence A. Hoffman, David Arnow

    Features the original Haggadah text in both Hebrew and a new English translation, and includes information on the roots of Passover, its confrontation with modernity, and its relationship to other rabbinical teachings.

  •        ت    ت          ص    ت

    حسم الإختلافات الفقهية بنص الكتاب والسُنة النبوية
    ابن مقصد العبدلي

    مقدمة التعريف هذه أول موسوعة في العالم الإسلامي تحسم الاختلافات فقهية التي طال الخلاف فيها بين أهل العلم ولم يبينوا الراجح في …

  • Worship of the Heart

    Worship of the Heart
    Joseph Dov Soloveitchik, Shalom Carmy

    The Rav here explores the crucial interface between living religious experience and halakhic norms. He analyzes the Amidah, the Shema and other liturgical texts, and considers the tension between human dependence and exaltation.

  • Islamologi

    Maulana Muhammad Ali, Darul Kutubil Islamiyah,,

    The Department hereby informs that the above mentioned book contains beneficial and helpful information, and the Muslim reader whose native language is English will benefit from this book. — Ali Abdel Baky, General Director of the …

  • A Prayer Book of Catholic Devotions

    A Prayer Book of Catholic Devotions
    William George Storey

    This Catholic prayer book by best-selling author William G. Storey contains some of the best traditional devotions to assist in daily prayer throughout the liturgical year.

  • She who Imagines

    She who Imagines
    Laurie M. Cassidy, Elizabeth A. Johnson, Maureen H. O’Connell

    In these essays, the authors draw on a variety of arts media-painting, photography, portraiture, craftwork, poetry, and hip-hop music-thereby joining beauty to truth and, in a richly defining way, to the practice of justice.

  • El Dios Que Te Sana

    El Dios Que Te Sana
    Christine Brooks Martin

    "El Dios Que Te Sana" es un libro Cristiano de oracion, lleno de afirmaciones basadas en las escrituras que recalcan las emociones que experimentamos cuando estamos procesando la transicion de una vida quebrantada a una vida de sanidad, …

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