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  • La madonna delle rose Lâ ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo

    La madonna delle rose. L’ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno, dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo.
    Mariateresa Ranaldo

    A Gesualdo, in provincia di Avellino, per quasi cinquant’anni è apparsa la Santa Vergine.

  • Prayer and the Diagrams of Force

    Prayer and the Diagrams of Force
    Douglas Laurent

    Calling for a Renaissance in prayer, Prayer and the Diagrams of Force is a Biblically-based study for those who desire to elevate their skills in prayer by studying the inherent mechanics, strategies and art concepts found within the field …

  • The 7 Great Prayers

    The 7 Great Prayers
    Paul McManus

    Presents seven prayers designed to help people of any religion overcome challenges, develop a closer relationship with God, and achieve blessings in their lives.

  • Prayer Guide

    Prayer Guide
    Augustina Aghanwa-Fakiyesi

    This book will also help you to read the whole of the Bible because every book of the Bible is represented in this book. As you use this book, you will discover how to pray using the Word, and your prayer life will grow.

  • A Sociology of Prayer

    A Sociology of Prayer
    Giuseppe Giordan, Linda Woodhead

    Presenting fresh empirical data in relation to original theorising, the volume also examines the material aspects of prayer, including the objects, bodies, symbols, and spaces with which it may be integrally connected.

  • Pensar por libre

    Pensar por libre
    Enrique Monasterio

    Escribir desde la fe significa hacerse un poco más abierto; reservar el apasionamiento y la gravedad para unas pocas y señaladas cuestiones y sonreír ante las demás.

  • Words to Live By

    Words to Live By
    Eknath Easwaran

    This warmly encouraging collection of daily readings offers immediate inspiration for readers seeking a more spiritually grounded lifestyle.

  • Everyday Moon Magic

    Everyday Moon Magic
    Dorothy Morrison

    This guide by popular author Dorothy Morrison includes more than 140 spells, chants, and rituals, along with Esbat celebrations for the Full Moon.

  • Biblical Principles of Prayer

    Biblical Principles of Prayer
    Joel Philip Church

    Biblical Principles of Prayer challenges you to experience new levels of prayer that will affect every area of your life.

  • Praying the Scriptures

    Praying the Scriptures
    Demetrius Dumm

    Praying the Scriptures sets a number of biblical prayers in the context of biblical revelation so that they are seen as celebrations of God's great saving deeds of the Exodus and the Resurrection.

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