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  • Give Us this Day

    Give Us this Day
    Rufus Goodwin

    Examines prayer through the ages and asks, do you need to believe in God to pray?

  • Standing in the Need of Prayer

    Standing in the Need of Prayer
    Schomburg Ctr for Resrch in Black Cultur

    " This extraordinary volume reflects the struggle, despair, determination, and triumph of the black experience during the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries.

  • Bible Based Prayer Power

    Bible-Based Prayer Power
    Ken Anderson

    Bible-Based Prayer Power features a new technique for talking to God that's as old as the Bible.

  • Everyday Magic

    Everyday Magic
    Dorothy Morrison

    There's an easy way to incorporate magic into your life without adding more stress to it. Everyday Magic updates the ancient arts to fit your busy lifestyle.

  • Contemplative Prayer

    Contemplative Prayer
    Thomas Merton

    In this classic text, Thomas Merton offers valuable guidance for prayer.

  • Conversations with God

    Conversations with God
    Kenneth A. Brown

    This book will assist people in their personal devotions and, if they are in a leadership role, it will help in preparation for the prayer time during worship.

  • God and You

    God and You
    William A. Barry

    Prayer is first and foremost a personal relationship and that the most fruitful prayer is that builds upon and enhances relationship. It shows us how we can develop an intimate relationship with God.

  • Fueled by Faith

    Fueled by Faith
    Jennifer Kennedy Dean

    Featuring Scripture passages and practical exercises, this guide to the true meaning of faith teaches Christian believers how to take a daily walk with God and revel in His power, His truth, and His divine love. 17,500 first printing.

  • Finding God

    Finding God
    Thomas Griffith Lewis

    This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for those engaged in pastoral care and counseling, for those who have loved ones suffering from depression, and persons suffering from depression themselves.

  • The Treasury of American Prayers

    The Treasury of American Prayers
    James P. Moore

    He provides context, historical perspective, and a personal insight for each prayer. While this collection reflects the great history of the American experience, these prayers also hold great resonance for Americans today.

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