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  • Flirting with Monasticism

    Flirting with Monasticism
    Karen E. Sloan

    This is a love story of girl meets boy, and boy joins a monastic order.

  • He is My Heaven

    He is My Heaven
    Jennifer Moorcroft

    In He Is My Heaven, Jennifer Moorcroft draws on Elizabeth’s own writings and other sources to give us a short, readable portrait of this fascinating young woman who fell in love with God.

  • The I B Tauris History of Monasticism

    The I.B.Tauris History of Monasticism
    G.R. Evans

    In this first general history of monasticism in the West since 1900, G R Evans explores the cloistered communities and individuals that have aspired to the ascetic ideal, assessing the huge impact they have made on the wider church and its …

  • Monastica 1

    Monastica 1
    Victoria Zimmerl-Panagl

    This volume presents a critical edition of two Latin monastic texts from late antiquity along with a scholarly introduction. The Regula Donati and the anonymous Fragmentum Regulae were both designed for nunneries.

  • Bede Griffiths

    Bede Griffiths
    Judson B. Trapnell

    Explores the work of spiritual leader and writer Bede Griffiths, who envisioned a union of Eastern and Western spirituality.

  • Monastic Reform as Process

    Monastic Reform as Process
    Steven Vanderputten

    In Monastic Reform as Process, Steven Vanderputten puts the history of monastic reform to the test by examining the evidence from seven monasteries in Flanders, one of the wealthiest principalities of northwestern Europe, between 900 and …

  • Ecclesia in medio nationis

    Ecclesia in medio nationis
    Steven Vanderputten, Brigitte Meijns

    This volume seeks to identify some of the major questions that will dominate research into monasticism in the years to come.

  • The Sun at Midnight

    The Sun at Midnight
    Bernardo Olivera

    Throughout the book, we discover Olivera's fundamental thesis: Personal mystical experience is not only the key to an adequate renewal of monastic life today but also-and above all-the foundation, the originating point, of any and all …

  • San Francisco de Asis

    San Francisco de Asis
    G K Chesterton

    Es el primer estudio que escribió Gilbert Keith Chesterton, el celebrado poeta y agudísimo novelista y pensador inglés (1874-1936), después de su conversión al catolicismo.

  • Mystics and Scholars

    Mystics and Scholars
    Harold Coward, Terence Penelhum

    What this book presents to the reader is not the outcome of the dialogue, but the personal statements and papers from which the dialogue began.

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