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  • Leaders Today

    Leaders Today
    PJ Edmund, Sr.,

    Each gift will manifest in its season” PJ EDMUND, Sr. in his well received book, Leaders Today Principles of Effective Leadership, reveals that every Christian leader has tremendous contributions to ministry.

  • 100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance Volume 2

    100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance, Volume 2
    Taiwo Odukoya

    Odukoya presides over a ministry that is committed to raising God-fearing leaders in every sphere of life.

  • Leadership Essentials

    Leadership Essentials
    Carol Cartmill, Yvonne Gentile

    This book can be used by individuals in a continual private study, or by groups who are working together to build their leadership skills.

  • One Plus Twelve

    One Plus Twelve
    Lee Bartolomei

    In his ground breaking work "One Plus Twelve," Lee Bartolomei delves into the how of Christianity through a detailed examination of who Jesus Christ is and his simple, yet multi-layered vision for making disciples.

  • The Courage to Lead

    The Courage to Lead
    James H. Harris

    This book focuses on pastoral and lay leadership in the African American church.

  • 10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know

    10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know
    Ronnie Floyd

    This is great for mentoring young ministers. Dr. Floyd has been the mins

  • Transforming Leadership

    Transforming Leadership
    Katherine Tyler Scott

    In her new book for clergy and congregations, leadership expert Katherine Tyler Scott

  • Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow
    Belmont and Belcourt Biographies

    This book also includes all of Tim Tebow's college and professional football statistics.

  • God s Armor Bearer Vol 3

    God’s Armor Bearer Vol. 3
    Terry Nance

    Terry Nance, in the sequel to God¿s Armorbearer, champions the local church and its leadership, focusing believers on the traditional, time-honored values of the local church.

  • Ignite the Passion A Guide to Motivational Leadership

    Ignite the Passion – A Guide to Motivational Leadership
    Peter A. Laporta

    This book provides information on choosing a doctor and dentist, and on alternative medicine. It includes a subject list of doctors and other health care givers and a selected bibliography.

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