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  • Cienciolog a

    Lawrence Wright

    El Premio Pulitzer Lawrence Wright realiza una extraordinaria investigación sobre la Iglesia de la Cienciología, una de las organizaciones más poderosas y cuestionadas del mundo. ¿Qué se esconde detrás de la iglesia de la …

  • Lead Like Jesus

    Lead Like Jesus
    Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges

    The author of One Minute Manager, one of the world's most popular management methods, introduces principles for effective leadership that focus on Jesus as a role model, aligning four internal and external domains–the heart, the head, the …

  • 100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance Volume 2

    100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance, Volume 2
    Taiwo Odukoya

    Odukoya presides over a ministry that is committed to raising God-fearing leaders in every sphere of life.

  • You Only Have to Die

    You Only Have to Die
    James A. Harnish

    This book describes how God calls each congregation to a specific mission, how God grants discernment to understand what that mission is, and how God enables the congregation to die to its entrenched attitudes and behaviors in order to be …

  • Le Chemin des Vainqueurs

    Le Chemin des Vainqueurs
    Zacharias Tanee Fomum

    Les vainqueurs sont des gens qui, lorsqu’ils sont devant le choix constant entre satisfaire Dieu et satisfaire le moi, choisissent constamment de satisfaire Dieu.

  • The Dating Game

    The Dating Game
    Rick Bundschuh

    Even if they can't actually go anywhere, our students start 'going out' as soon as they discover a mutual affection for the opposite sex.

  • From Footmen To Horsemen

    From Footmen To Horsemen
    Dr. James Brewton

    Dr. James Brewton has described in detail here a process or progression in spiritual maturity, from salvation to discipleship to leadership.

  • Anciens diacres pr dicateurs saints

    Anciens, diacres, prédicateurs, saints
    Michel Mazzalongo

    Ce livre décrit en détail les différents rôles de leadership dans l'église et examine comment ceux-ci peuvent être exercés pour promouvoir la croissance à la fois chez l'individu et dans l'assemblée de l'église.

  • A Guide for Women in Religion

    A Guide for Women in Religion
    Rebecca Trachtenberg Alpert

    The Guide for Women in Religion is an indispensable resource for everyone from undergraduate students to emeritae professors involved in the field of religion.

  • Church Ethics and Its Organizational Context

    Church Ethics and Its Organizational Context
    Jean M. Bartunek, Mary Ann Hinsdale, James F. Keenan, SJ

    Church Ethics and Its Organizational Context is the first book to provide a broadly interdisciplinary approach to understanding the leadership crisis in the Catholic Church in the wake of the sex abuse scandal and how it was handled.

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