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  • לוחות פעלים
    Asher Tarmon, Ezri Uval

    A classic for twenty years, now this updated edition includes Hebrew verbs in current usage, 235 tables, and a comprehensive index. This book is a neatly organized verb index to strengthen my vocabulary.

  • The Gutnick Edition Chumash Book of Exodus

    The Gutnick Edition Chumash – Book of Exodus

    It is the first Chumash to include a commentary anthologized from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

  • Gates of Prayer

    Gates of Prayer
    Chaim Stern

    Profoundly rooted in Jewish tradition, Gates of Prayer has become the standard liturgical work for the Reform Movement.

  • Buried by the Times

    Buried by the Times
    Laurel Leff

    Looks at decisions made at The New York Times that resulted in the minimizing, misunderstanding, and dilution of the Holocaust in a behind-the-scenes study of how America's premier newspaper failed in its coverage of the fate of European …

  • Mudhouse Sabbath

    Mudhouse Sabbath
    Lauren F. Winner

    Whether discussing attentive eating, marking the days while grieving, the community that supports a marriage, candle-lighting, or the differences between the Jewish Sabbath and a Sunday spent at the Mudhouse, her favorite coffee shop, …

  • Sefer Yetzirah

    Sefer Yetzirah
    Aryeh Kaplan

    Also included are three alternative versions to make this volume the most complete work on the Sefer Yetzirah available in English. Text: English, Hebrew

  • O sagrado

    O sagrado
    Nilton Bonder

    Em tempos de busca pelo "segredo" do sucesso e de realização plena, o rabino Nilton Bonder oferece ao leitor uma percepção sobre aquilo que deve, ou deveria, ser o motivo da procura pelos homens: o sagrado.

  • Yentl s Revenge The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism

    Yentl’s Revenge: The Next Wave of Jewish Feminism
    Danya Ruttenberg

    A diverse group of young women–from witches to rabbis–explore the new Judaism.

  • The Bible at Qumran

    The Bible at Qumran
    Peter W. Flint, Tae Hun Kim

    This new volume in the Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature series explores two principal themes: the text and shape of the "Bible" at Qumran and the interpretation of these scriptures by the Qumran community and other …

  • Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust

    Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust
    Yaffa Eliach

    Based on interviews and oral histories, this collection of 89 stories is the first anthology of Hasidic stories about the Holocaust, and the first ever in which women play a large role.

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