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  • Unlearning

    Sean Tucker

    So this is the story of how I Unlearned my Western Christianity, and became a prophetic voice to the Western Church.

  • The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements

    The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements
    James R Lewis

    The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements both covers the current state of the field and breaks new ground. Its contributors, drawn form both sociology and religious studies, are leading figures in the study of NRMs.

  • The Catholic Worker Movement

    The Catholic Worker Movement
    Mark Zwick, Louise Zwick

    This book is essential reading for understanding the legacy behind the Catholic Worker Movement.

  • Wayward Monks and the Religious Revolution of the Eleventh Century

    Wayward Monks and the Religious Revolution of the Eleventh Century
    Phyllis G. Jestice

    Focussing on the German empire, this book explains the diversification of monasticism during a period of great change, in particular a shift towards a greater interest in lay religious life.

  • Forbid Them Not Year A

    Forbid Them Not: Year A
    Carolyn C. Brown

    With these ideas and resources at hand, you can create worship services that minister to adults and to children. Also available: Forbid Them Not Year B order item #9780687132560 Forbid Them Not Year C order item #9780687132652

  • Scientology

    James R. Lewis

    In this book, a group of well-known scholars of New Religious Movements offers an extensive and evenhanded overview and analysis of all of these aspects of Scientology, including the controversies to which it continues to give rise.

  • Where the Nations Meet

    Where the Nations Meet
    Stephen A. Rhodes

    Pastor Stephen Rhodes, in whose congregation thirty-two nationalities gather weekly, sets forth a biblical, ministry-tested pastoral theology of multiethnic ministry peppered with inspiring and challenging stories from multicultural …

  • Clip Notes for Church Bulletins Volume 3

    Clip Notes for Church Bulletins, Volume 3
    David Philippart

    LTP offers yet another addition of its Clip Notes series with this third helpful volume.

  • A Mosaic of Believers

    A Mosaic of Believers
    Gerardo Marti

    Gerardo Marti shows us how this unusual church has achieved multiethnicity, not by targeting specific groups, but by providing multiple havens of inclusion that play down ethnic differences.

  • The Ministry of the Missional Church

    The Ministry of the Missional Church
    Craig Van Gelder

    This is an important resource for anyone who cares about the future of congregations in America.

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