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  • South Asian Religions on Display

    South Asian Religions on Display
    Knut A. Jacobsen

    Written by leading specialists on religious processions and ritualization of public space in South Asia and in the Diaspora, this volume presents current research on the interpretations of the role of processions, the recent increase in …

  • Encyclopedia of Hinduism

    Encyclopedia of Hinduism
    Denise Cush, Catherine Robinson, Michael York

    However, the in-depth larger entries and the design of the work in line with the latest scholarly advances means that the volume will be of considerable interest to specialists.

  • The Penguin Swami Chinmyananda Reader

    The Penguin Swami Chinmyananda Reader
    Anita Raina Thapan

    This Collection Of Swami Chinmayananda S Discourses, Brought Together By Anita Raina Thapan, Disciple And Active Member Of The Mission, Represents The Seminal Teachings Of The Great Spiritual Master.

  • The Secret Garland

    The Secret Garland

    This book offers new translations of the Tiruppavai and Nacciyar Tirumoli, composed by the ninth-century Tamil mystic and poetess Kotai.

  • Bhagavad Gita

    Bhagavad Gita

    The Bhagavad Gita, one of the most sacred and venerated Hindu texts, is a series of conversations between the Lord Krishna — the divine one — and the warrior prince Arjuna in the prelude to the Kurukshetra war.

  • Indian Antiquities

    Indian Antiquities
    Thomas Maurice

  • A History Of Secret Societies

    A History Of Secret Societies
    Arkon Daraul

    Almost every social system throughout history has produced its secret societies. Here is a unique study of such societies from earliest recorded times to the present, along with an analysis of their forms, rituals, and beliefs.

  • Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

    Hinduism as a Missionary Religion
    Arvind Sharma

    Reconsiders whether Hinduism can be considered a missionary religion.

  • Mahabharata Drona Volume 1 Volume 7

    Mahabharata: Drona, Volume 1; Volume 7
    Vaughan Pilikian

    After Bhishma is cut down at the end of the previous book of the Maha·bhárata, the book which bears his name, Duryódhana selects Drona as leader of his forces.

  • A Modern Introduction to Theology

    A Modern Introduction to Theology
    Philip Kennedy

    Philip Kennedy here offers the first book that any student – with or without religious convictions – can profitably use to get quickly to grips with the essentials of the Christian religion: its history and its key thinkers, its successes …

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