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  • Disorienting Dharma

    Disorienting Dharma
    Emily T. Hudson

    In this book, Emily Hudson examines these issues through a variety of interpretive lenses including Sanskrit literary theory, reader-response theory, and narrative ethics.

  • Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

    Hinduism as a Missionary Religion
    Arvind Sharma

    Reconsiders whether Hinduism can be considered a missionary religion.

  • A Modern Introduction to Theology

    A Modern Introduction to Theology
    Philip Kennedy

    Philip Kennedy here offers the first book that any student – with or without religious convictions – can profitably use to get quickly to grips with the essentials of the Christian religion: its history and its key thinkers, its successes …

  • Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat

    Narasinha Mehta of Gujarat
    Neelima Shukla-Bhatt

    This is the first book in English on Narsinha Mehta, a major figure among the saint-poets of medieval India and the most celebrated bhakti (devotion) poet from Gujarat, whose morning hymns and sacred biography provided a vital source of …

  • Devi

    John Stratton Hawley

    "Demonstrating the range and complexity of feminine imagery in Hindu tradition, Devi offers to scholars and beginners alike a fascinating and useful anthology."—Elaine Pagels, author Gnostic Gospels "Thought-provoking and new, yet …

  • Conversations with Yogananda

    Conversations with Yogananda
    J. Donald Walters, Swami Kriyananda, Yogananda (Paramahansa)

    This is strikingly demonstrated in the story of how the paedophile emerged as a figure of major public concern.

  • Quran

    Talal Itani

    This small book contains the most essential passages of the Holy Quran, translated into clear English. A must-read book for non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Are you curious about Islam? New to Islam? This is the perfect book.

  • An Ornament for Jewels

    An Ornament for Jewels
    Steven P. Hopkins

    In this companion volume to Singing the Body of God (Oxford 2002), Steven P. Hopkins has translated into contemporary American English verse poems written by the South Indian Srivaisnava philosopher and saint-poet Venkatesa (c. 1268-1369).

  • Virtue Success Pleasure and Liberation

    Virtue, Success, Pleasure, and Liberation
    Alain Daniélou

    Exploring the fundamental concepts of the caste system, Alain Danielou addresses issues of race, individual rights, sexual mores, marital practices, and spiritual attainments.

  • Gandhi s Religion

    Gandhi’s Religion
    J. Jordens

    This is the first systematic study of Mohandas Gandhi's conception of religion and of his personal religious practices to be based on the ninety volumes of his Collected Works.

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