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  • Sixteen Facets of Self Realization

    Sixteen Facets of Self Realization
    Swami Srikantananda

    Intense practise in even one of them is sufficient to take us to God. In this book, the author studies the lives of the 16 chosen disciples of Sri Ramakrishna and discovers in each of them, a unique path to God.

  • Upanisads

    Daniel de Palma

    Escritas en forma de breves diálogos y aforismos enigmáticos, los textos de las upanisads se dirigen al espíritu del hombre con el fin de iniciarlo en los fines últimos del conocimiento sagrado de la India.

  • Das Buch der Mitte

    Das Buch der Mitte
    Vishal Mangalwadi

    "Das Buch der Mitte" ist das seltene und glückliche Zusammenkommen von lebendiger Erzählung, nüchterner Beweisführung und überraschenden Einsichten, die uns den Schatz der Bibel wieder vor Augen führen und zerrissene Landkarten wieder …

  • Losing Moses on the Freeway

    Losing Moses on the Freeway
    Chris Hedges

    In this fierce, articulate narrative, Hedges, who graduated from seminary at Harvard Divinity School, looks through the lens of each commandment to examine the moral ruin of American society.

  • Faith in Action

    Faith in Action
    Richard L. Wood

    Creative and insightful, Faith in Action shows how community activism and religious organizations can help build a more just and democratic future for all Americans.

  • Speech and Theology

    Speech and Theology
    James K.A. Smith

    Speech and Theology posits that the paradigm for the encounter between the material and the divine, or the immanent and transcendent, is found in the Incarnation: God's voluntary self-immersion in the human world as an expression of His …

  • Why Tolerate Religion

    Why Tolerate Religion?
    Brian Leiter

    This provocative book addresses one of the most enduring puzzles in political philosophy and constitutional theory–why is religion singled out for preferential treatment in both law and public discourse?

  • A bilingual concordance to the targum of the Prophets

    A bilingual concordance to the targum of the Prophets
    Johannes Cornelis de Moor

    The final volume will contain additions and corrections, a cumulative Hebrew-Aramaic index, as well as an English-Aramaic index.

  • The Direct Path

    The Direct Path
    Andrew Harvey

    A book to work and live with, a cornerstone for the direct transmission from the heart to the open mind' Stephen Levine, author of Embracing the Beloved 'I feel I have been waiting all my life to write this book,' explains Andrew harvey, …

  • 50 Jahre Wahrheit und Methode

    50 Jahre Wahrheit und Methode
    Riccardo Dottori

    PLEASE NOTE: Only three of the book's twenty-two essays are in English language text. (Series: The Dialogue – Yearbook of Philosophical Hermeneutics – Vol. 5)

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