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  • Ifa Divination

    Ifa Divination
    William Russell Bascom

    "The sacred texts of Ifa, repository of the accumulated wisdom of countless generations of Yoruba people, are an invaluable source not only for all students of African oral literature and Yoruba civilization, but also for future generations …

  • The Jesuit Mission to the Lakota Sioux

    The Jesuit Mission to the Lakota Sioux
    Ross Alexander Enochs

    This study examines the development of ministry at the St. Francis and Holy Rosary missions in South Dakota.

  • Being Latino in Christ

    Being Latino in Christ
    Orlando Crespo

    In this books he helps you to reflect on your own voyage of self-understanding and on what it means to have a mixed heritage from the days of the original Spanish Conquest to the present.

  • Comfa Religion and Creole Language in a Caribbean Community

    Comfa Religion and Creole Language in a Caribbean Community
    Kean Gibson

    A description and analysis of the Guyanese religion known as "Comfa."

  • The Beauty of the Primitive

    The Beauty of the Primitive
    Andrei A. Znamenski

    The Beauty of the Primitive explores how shamanism, an obscure word introduced by the eighteenth-century German explorers of Siberia, entered Western humanities and social sciences, and has now become a powerful idiom used by nature and …

  • IfĂ Divination Knowledge Power and Performance

    Ifá Divination, Knowledge, Power, and Performance
    Jacob K. Olupona, Rowland O. Abiodun

    This landmark volume compiled by Jacob K. Olupona and Rowland O. Abiodun brings readers into the diverse world of Ifá—its discourse, ways of thinking, and artistic expression as manifested throughout the Afro-Atlantic.

  • Ownership and Nurture

    Ownership and Nurture
    Marc Brightman, Carlos Fausto, Vanessa Grotti

    The first book to address the classic anthropological theme of property through the ethnography of Amazonia, Ownership and Nurture sets new and challenging terms for anthropological debates about the region and about property in general.

  • Sciamanesimo e sciamanesimi

    Sciamanesimo e sciamanesimi
    Luca Arcari , Alessandro Saggioro

    Sciamanesimo (o sciamanesimo), ovvero uno dei modi di pensare e dire l’alteritĂ : così si può riassumere la tendenza di studio affacciatasi negli ultimi decenni volta a decostruire una delle categorie piĂą ampie e complesse …

  • Preserving the Sacred

    Preserving the Sacred
    Michael Angel

    Historian Michael Angel compares the early texts written about the Midewiwin, and identifies major, common misconceptions in these accounts.

  • Druids and Druidism

    Druids and Druidism
    T. D. Kendrick

    The amply illustrated text considers many theories of the origin of Druidism, its temples and religious practices, and its early mention by Greek and Roman writers.

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