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  • Faith and You Volume 2

    Faith and You, Volume 2
    Terry Pluto

    . . For people of different faiths or backgrounds or who aren't even sure they're religious. These essays doesn't claim to have all the answers, but the questions they raise give readers something to think about all week.

  • God in the Sink

    God in the Sink
    Margie L. Haack

    For 33 years Margie lived with her husband and children in an American Gothic Foursquare in Minnesota that their children christened “Toad Hall.” During those years, Margie’s eyes were finely tuned by the ancient wisdom of biblical …

  • The Good Book

    The Good Book
    Andrew Blauner

    "A collection of previously unpublished pieces by 32 of today's most prominent writers shares their thoughts about biblical passages they find personally meaningful, in a volume that includes contributions by such figures as Edwidge …

  • J dische Politik und Presse in der fr hen Bundesrepublik

    Jüdische Politik und Presse in der frühen Bundesrepublik
    Andrea Sinn

    Die Geschichte der Anfänge, der Gründung und der Institutionalisierung dieser osteuropäisch geprägten jüdischen Gemeinschaft sowie deren Repräsentanz in der Bunderepublik beleuchtet Andrea Sinn für den Zeitraum von 1945 bis zum Ende …

  • Joseph s Bones

    Joseph’s Bones
    Jerome M. Segal

    . . Nothing quite like it has appeared in years.”—Jack Miles, author of God: A Biography In this groundbreaking book, Jerome Segal offers a fresh and vigorous reexamination of the oldest part of the Bible.

  • Cloud of Witnesses

    Cloud of Witnesses
    George William Rutler

    I therefore feel confidence in recommending also the larger number of personalities I did not know.¿ ~ From the foreword by George Cardinal Pell of Sydney.This is an unusual book, written by an author with unusual insights, a wide range of …

  • The Lure

    The Lure
    William J. Vande Kopple

    They say that a fisherman never runs out of stories. Lucky for readers of this book, William J. Vande Kopple wants to do more than regale us with tales of the one that got away.

  • A Living Tradition

    A Living Tradition
    David A. Pitt, Stefanos Alexopoulos, Christian McConnell

    Seeking to bridge the distance between scholarship and praxis, to be accessible to both pastoral ministers and academic theologians, this volume is organized according to three categories: liturgical year, Christian initiation, and …

  • Transfiguring Transcendence in Harry Potter His Dark Materials and Left Behind

    Transfiguring Transcendence in Harry Potter, His Dark Materials and Left Behind
    Mike Gray

    However, while far from obsolescent, models of religious identity in contemporary society require criticism and creativity – and, as evinced most powerfully in the Harry Potter stories, a flair for constructive engagement with paradox.

  • Hans Mol and the Sociology of Religion

    Hans Mol and the Sociology of Religion
    Adam J. Powell

    This volume of Mol’s work will be of keen interest to academics and students with an interest in the sociology of religion post-World War II and the development of contemporary Christian theology.

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