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  • Daily Meditations on Golden Texts of the Bible

    Daily Meditations on Golden Texts of the Bible
    Henry Gariepy

    The texts that Henry Gariepy has selected include classical and often-quoted Bible verses as well as some lesser-known gems.

  • Daily Meditations for the Kneeling Christian

    Daily Meditations for the Kneeling Christian
    Eternal Word Publishing

    Updated and re-edited, this masterful devotional is a life-changing testament of an anonymous person who dared speak the very heart of God. In every sense of the word, this work is a classic.

  • Powerful Prayers for Your Family

    Powerful Prayers for Your Family
    David Kopp, Heather Kopp

    This practical guide includes key scriptures, prayer and devotional text, Bible trivia, prayers for special occasions, “truth to go,” and more for the spiritually growing family. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Days to Remember

    Days to Remember
    Henry M. Morris

    The name Henry Morris is synonymous with apologetics, and the "father of the modern creationism movement" doesn't disappoint with this new title.

  • Every Day for Every Man

    Every Day for Every Man
    Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker

    With 365 power-packed readings, Everyday for Every Man equips you with the weapons and armor you need to fight temptation each day–and emerge victorious. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Handbook for the Spirit

    Handbook for the Spirit
    Richard Carlson, Benjamin Shield

    From bestselling editors Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, Handbook for the Spirit (formerly titled For the Love of God) features a wonderfully diverse collection of original spiritual writings by: A.H. Almaas · Rev.

  • God and You

    God and You
    William A. Barry

    Prayer is first and foremost a personal relationship and that the most fruitful prayer is that builds upon and enhances relationship. It shows us how we can develop an intimate relationship with God.

  • Alive At 5

    Alive At 5
    L. Harris

    Alive at 5 – Victory in Retrospect, Volume 2 was written with everyone needing a blessing in mind. On its pages, Jesus Christ is lifted up with a New Testament focus.

  • Behold Your King Comes

    Behold: Your King Comes
    David Rosenkoetter

    I pray this devotional will encourage your faith as you prepare for and celebrate our Lord and Savior's birth. Behold, he comes for you. (Zech. 9:9)

  • A Time for Leaving

    A Time for Leaving
    Mary Fahy, John Inserra

    In this parable of hope, a young tree facing her first autumn experiences resistance and fear as she realizes she will soon be losing her magnificent leaves.

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