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  • Cities and Priests

    Cities and Priests
    Marietta Horster, Anja Klöckner

    These texts and images indicate how the priests and priestesses saw themselves and were viewed by others.

  • Aliens Adored

    Aliens Adored
    Susan J. Palmer

    In this analysis of the Raelian movement, the author traces Rael's philosophy and the Raelian subculture, focusing on issues of sexuality, millenarianism, and the impact of the scientific worldview on religion and the environment.

  • Mormonism Unmasked

    Mormonism Unmasked
    Phillip Roberts, R. Philip Roberts

    Mormons tend to be model citizens-friendly, honest, hopeful, kind-everything that should be expected from a Christian. But, as this book points out, the Mormons aren't Christian at all.

  • Vajrayogini

    Elizabeth English

    This ground-breaking book delves into the origins of Vajrayogini, charting her evolution in India and examining her roots in the Cakrasamvara tantra and in Indian tradition relating to siva.

  • Sozialismus Katholizismus und Okkultismus im Frankreich des 19 Jahrhunderts

    Sozialismus, Katholizismus und Okkultismus im Frankreich des 19. Jahrhunderts
    Julian Strube

    This study radically reformulates the importance of socialist trends in European religious history.

  • Out of Mormonism

    Out of Mormonism
    Judy Robertson

    How one woman's soul-searching journey led her to the Mormon church and how her discovery of Jesus, helped her leave despite horrific persecution.

  • Performance e Ritual

    Performance e Ritual
    Denise Mancebo Zenicola

    Denise Zenicola destaca, em cada uma, seus elementos, suas virtudes, suas armas, suas delicadezas, e como tudo isso se expressa pelo movimento no espaço, decifrando de forma clara muitos enigmas que são desconhecidos até para os …

  • Hearing the Voices of Jonestown

    Hearing the Voices of Jonestown
    Mary McCormick Maaga

    Hearing the Voices of Jonestown restores the individual voices that have been erased, so that we can better understand what was created – and destroyed – at Jonestown, and why.

  • The New Generation Witches

    The New Generation Witches
    Peg Aloi

    The New Generation Witches is the first published anthology to investigate the recent rise of the teenage Witchcraft phenomenon in both Britain and North America.

  • Domesticating the Dharma

    Domesticating the Dharma
    Richard D. McBride

    Domesticating the Dharma provides a much-needed corrective to this view by presenting for the first time a descriptive analysis of the cultic practices that defined and shaped the way Buddhists in Silla Korea understood their religion from …

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