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  • Cults in Context

    Cults in Context
    Lorne Dawson

    What does it say about the future of religion?Cults in Context surveys the descriptive typologies, theories, and data accumulated by sociologists and psychologists studying new religious movements over the last twenty years.

  • Confessions of an Illuminati VOLUME I

    Confessions of an Illuminati, VOLUME I
    Leo Lyon Zagami

    SYMBOLS ARE THE LANGUAGE OF THE ILLUMINATI Released in English for the first time by secret society insider and author Leo Lyon Zagami, this ground-breaking book presents internal documents, confidential rituals, secret fraternal rites, and …

  • Chercheurs de Dieux Dans L espace Public

    Chercheurs de Dieux Dans L’espace Public
    Pauline Côté, Eileen Barker, Université Laval. Groupe de recherches en sciences de la religion

    How does the law withstand the "creative destruction" of religious innovation? In this provocative collection of essays, twelve experienced specialists break new ground in the sociological study of religion.

  • Nineteenth Century Mormon Architecture and City Planning

    Nineteenth-Century Mormon Architecture and City Planning
    C. Mark Hamilton

    This book is the first comprehensive study of nineteenth-century Mormon architecture and city planning.

  • The Polygamous Wives Writing Club

    The Polygamous Wives Writing Club
    Paula Kelly Harline

    The personal writings of these women, all married to different husbands, are the heart of this remarkable book–they paint a vivid and sometimes disturbing picture of an all but vanished and still controversial way of life.

  • The Church Universal and Triumphant

    The Church Universal and Triumphant
    Bradley C. Whitsel

    This book will appeal to general readers as well as political scientists and sociologists specializing in the fields of political sociology, millennialism, and radical religio-political movements.

  • Angel of Light

    Angel of Light
    Jack T. Chick

    Here is how Satan has worked for centuries to destroy millions. See his involvment with governments and false religions. He makes himself look good, like an "Angel of Light." (II Cor 11:14)

  • The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh

    The Unsolved “Murder” of Adam Walsh
    Arthur Jay Harris

    THIS SPECIAL SINGLE EDITION IS A CONDENSED VERSION OF BOOKS ONE AND TWO, FOR BRIEFER READING: Also available on Google Play: are the full-length Books One and Two Six-year-old Adam Walsh disappeared from the toy department of a Sears in …


    Lauren Stratford

    Through this shocking story, anyone who is caught in the trap of sexual or ritual abuse can learn that there is a way out–that with the help of God and others, victims like Lauren can break free.

  • Re riting Woman

    Re-riting Woman
    Kristy S. Coleman

    Re-riting Woman presents the first in-depth ethnographic study of Dianic Wicca.

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