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  • The Right Mind

    The Right Mind
    Willie M. V. Stephens VeLeJouSte

    I have stressed in this book, from a spiritual and practical standpoint, how one should utilize the mind in ways for which God created it.

  • Taking Charge of Anger

    Taking Charge of Anger
    W. Robert Nay

    "This successful guide has already helped many tens of thousands of readers understand and manage out-of-control anger in all its forms, from passive-aggression to all-out rage.

  • True Blue

    True Blue
    Pastor Tom and Tracy Monteith

    True Blue is an eye-opening firsthand account of the struggles associated with mental illness in the Christian community, combined with the medical and biblical knowledge required to illuminate the minds of an uninformed world.

  • Legal Issues and Religious Counseling

    Legal Issues and Religious Counseling
    Ronald K. Bullis, Cynthia S. Mazur

    This much-needed book offers a current description of how religious counselors and clergy, as well as their local and national religious organizations, become legally vulnerable.

  • The Holy Man s Manifesto

    The Holy Man’s Manifesto
    Dr. Tumba Kanyinda

    The Holy Man’s Manifesto This book is the product of many Pastors’ Meetings, Men’s Meetings and conferences in various places during a period of time.

  • Eternal Light

    Eternal Light
    Joshua Reed

    this is a book the can encourage you through troubles and depression. it's about faith and much more such as it is a short story's of my life from drug abuse and alcohol to faith it is poetry it shows you how to forgive the scriptures that …

  • Living with Uncertainty and Still Enjoying Life

    Living with Uncertainty and Still Enjoying Life
    Karen Kay Dunn

    Living with uncertainty while still enjoying life is an attainable goal! This book will familiarize you with some useful tools to regain hope, peace and joy despite uninvited life circumstances.

  • Victims and Sinners

    Victims and Sinners
    Linda A. Mercadante

    This book is for pastoral counselors, clergy, laypers-ons, and recovery group members wanting to reass-ess addiction recovery from a theological perspec-tive. It offers a wake-up call to the church to estab-lish recovery groups.

  • You Are Not Alone

    You Are Not Alone
    Patricia A Buck

    This book was designed to encourage you through examples of how God has answered prayers. It will give hope to you as you partake of its passages from the Bible.

  • Happiness Is a Choice

    Happiness Is a Choice
    Frank Minirth, Paul Meier

    Minirth and Meier walk you through · the symptoms of depression · the primary sources of emotional pain · personality dynamics that lead to depression · how to effectively deal with anger and anxiety · medication and treatment options …

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