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  • Religions Globalizations

    Dwight N. Hopkins

    As the contributors to this work suggest, a crucial component of globalization–the breakdown of familiar boundaries and power balances–may open a space in which religion can be deployed to help refabricate new communities.

  • The Way Things Are

    The Way Things Are
    Huston Smith

    The twenty-three interviews and essays in this volume, edited by cultural historian and filmmaker Phil Cousineau, offer a uniquely personal perspective on Smith's own personal journey, as well as wide-ranging reflection on the nature and …

  • Islam and the Bible

    Islam and the Bible
    David Goldmann

    Here is a helpful book on Islam, written by a man who knows what he is talking about! David has had a fruitful ministry among Muslims, with many opportunities to apply this knowledge.

  • Western Esotericism and Rituals of Initiation

    Western Esotericism and Rituals of Initiation
    Henrik Bogdan

    Historical exploration of Masonic rituals of initiation.

  • Interrompere il quotidiano

    Interrompere il quotidiano
    Natale Spineto

  • Imagining the End

    Imagining the End
    Abbas Amanat

    This provocative volume explores how apocalyptic visions have expressed themselves in different ways in Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • A Fatal Addiction

    A Fatal Addiction
    Thomas Block

    Do God and war define the American spirit as much as apple pie and baseball? This unsettling book illustrates how bellicose, war-like language is used to explain the spiritual quest.

  • Of Witches

    Of Witches
    Janet Thompson

    People who are drawn to the pagan way or the way of the Craft are often alone, with many questions about who and what they are, and about lifestyle. This book engages readers in a dialogue that will help them understand the Wiccan path.

  • Catholic Women Writers

    Catholic Women Writers
    Mary R. Reichardt

    The first reference of its kind, Catholic Women Writers provides biographical, critical, and bibliographical entries on 64 Catholic women writers from around the world and across the centuries.

  • This Sacred Earth

    This Sacred Earth
    Roger S. Gottlieb

    Surveys traditional religious perspectives on nature, and shows how contemporary theologians, spiritual teachers, and religious institutions are responding to humanity's devastation of the environment.

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