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  • Liberating Faith

    Liberating Faith
    Roger S. Gottlieb

    An invaluable teaching resource and the definitive introduction to global religious social activism, this book offers a visionary alternative to both repressive fundamentalism and spiritless secularism.

  • Islam and the Bible

    Islam and the Bible
    David Goldmann

    Here is a helpful book on Islam, written by a man who knows what he is talking about! David has had a fruitful ministry among Muslims, with many opportunities to apply this knowledge.

  • Interrompere il quotidiano

    Interrompere il quotidiano
    Natale Spineto

  • Imagining the End

    Imagining the End
    Abbas Amanat

    This provocative volume explores how apocalyptic visions have expressed themselves in different ways in Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam.

  • Catholic Women Writers

    Catholic Women Writers
    Mary R. Reichardt

    The first reference of its kind, Catholic Women Writers provides biographical, critical, and bibliographical entries on 64 Catholic women writers from around the world and across the centuries.

  • This Sacred Earth

    This Sacred Earth
    Roger S. Gottlieb

    Surveys traditional religious perspectives on nature, and shows how contemporary theologians, spiritual teachers, and religious institutions are responding to humanity's devastation of the environment.

  • Eastern Orthodox Encounters of Identity and Otherness

    Eastern Orthodox Encounters of Identity and Otherness
    A. Krawchuk, T. Bremer

    From diverse international and multi-disciplinary perspectives, the contributors to this volume analyze the experiences, challenges and responses of Orthodox Churches to the foundational transformations associated with the dissolution of …

  • Black Magic

    Black Magic
    Yvonne Patricia Chireau

    "Chireau has written a marvelous text on an important dimension of African American religious culture.

  • The 7 Great Prayers

    The 7 Great Prayers
    Paul McManus

    Presents seven prayers designed to help people of any religion overcome challenges, develop a closer relationship with God, and achieve blessings in their lives.

  • Is the Bible God s Word

    Is the Bible God’s Word?
    Ahmad Deedat

    A brief rebuttal to several points of Biblical theology by this well known debater is the subject of this booklet which is one of the authors most popular books.

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