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  • The Christian Pastor

    The Christian Pastor
    Wayne E. Oates, Wayne Edward Oates

    A standard work in seminaries and a reliable guide for clergy in many denominations for over thirty years, The Christian Pastor has been revised to include up-to-date research on the role of pastors in contemporary life.

  • Mudhouse Sabbath

    Mudhouse Sabbath
    Lauren F. Winner

    Whether discussing attentive eating, marking the days while grieving, the community that supports a marriage, candle-lighting, or the differences between the Jewish Sabbath and a Sunday spent at the Mudhouse, her favorite coffee shop, …

  • The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner

    The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner
    Declan Marmion, Mary E. Hines

    Karl Rahner (1904-84) was one of the most significant theological voices of the twentieth century.

  • Baltimore Catechism No 1

    Baltimore Catechism No. 1
    Third Council of Baltimore

    The Baltmore Catechism was composed at the order of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore and was the standard religion text in American Catholic schools from 1885 to the late 1960s.

  • Dedication and Leadership

    Dedication and Leadership
    Douglas Hyde

    Here is a realistic approach to an acute problem uncolored by emotional propaganda, and here is a realistic answer on how to inspire dedication for leadership.

  • The Historic Church

    The Historic Church
    J. C. V. Durell

    This 1906 book presents a study of 'the conceptions of the Christian Ecclesia as revealed in Christian history as a whole'.

  • Das Evangelium nach Markus

    Das Evangelium nach Markus
    Jörg Scholz

    Eine Einladung zum Lesen: Die erste deutschsprachige Edition des Neuen Testaments als Bibliothek in neun Bänden – nun in einer 4. Auflage.

  • The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

    The Nag Hammadi Scriptures
    Marvin W. Meyer, James M. Robinson

    This volume also features introductory essays and extensive notes to help readers understand the context and significance of these texts that have revolutionized the study of early Christianity and ancient religious thought.

  • Hearing Things

    Hearing Things
    Leigh Eric Schmidt

    This book takes us into the ensuing debate about âeoehearing thingsâe âe"an intense, entertaining, even spectacular exchange over the auditory immediacy of popular Christian piety.The struggle was one of encyclopedic range, and Leigh …

  • Guardians of Letters

    Guardians of Letters
    Kim Haines-Eitzen

    Who were the scribes that copied early Christian literature during the second and third centuries?

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