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  • Paul s Glory Christology

    Paul’s Glory-Christology
    Carey C. Newman

    " By using methodology developed in semantics, semiotics, and, more generally, literary theory, Newman examines the origin and rhetoric of Paul's Glory-Christology.The investigation involves three distinct tasks: (1) to plot the tradition …

  • Padre Pio

    Padre Pio
    Sergio Luzzatto

    Granted unprecedented access to the Vatican archives, Luzzatto has also unearthed a letter from Padre Pio himself in which the monk asks for a secret delivery of carbolic acid—a discovery which helps explain why two successive popes …

  • Chapter Two

    Chapter Two
    Brother Roland

    There is more than twenty years of directions written in this book, to bring me where I am today. This book will give you a twenty-year advantage over someone just starting out.

  • Faith in Objects

    Faith in Objects
    E. Hasinoff

    Hasinoff brings the untold history of the World in Boston of 1911, 'America's First Great Missionary Exposition,' to light, focusing on how the material culture of missions shaped domestic interactions with evangelism, Christianity, and the …

  • Being Right

    Being Right
    Mary Jo Weaver, R. Scott Appleby

    "ÂBeing Right is a significant book and a good read for anyone seriously interested in contemporary American religion." —Nova Religio "It will be very useful to historians, challenging to theologians and indispensable to anyone trying to …

  • Egyptian Origen of the Book of Revelation

    Egyptian Origen of the Book of Revelation
    John H. C. Pippy

  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, Becky Benenate, Thomas Moore, Joseph Durepos

    A collection of inspirational writings and observations by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner includes reflections on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty, generosity, hope, forgiveness, and Jesus. Reprint.

  • The Nag Hammadi Scriptures

    The Nag Hammadi Scriptures
    Marvin W. Meyer, James M. Robinson

    This volume also features introductory essays and extensive notes to help readers understand the context and significance of these texts that have revolutionized the study of early Christianity and ancient religious thought.

  • Praying for England

    Praying for England
    Sam Wells, Sarah Coakley

    This is a deceptively simple volume – theologically accessible but often deeply moving and profound. In it a new vision is sketched of how Christian priesthood can go forward today with humility, understated dignity, and spiritual power.

  • Leading God s People

    Leading God’s People
    Christopher A. Beeley

    Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including …

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