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  • Epic

    John Eldredge

    Eldredge examines the power of story, the universal longing for a "plot" that makes sense deep inside us, our desire for a meaningful role to play, our love of books and movies, and how all of this points us to the gospel itself.

  • Leading God s People

    Leading God’s People
    Christopher A. Beeley

    Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including …

  • Paul and the Rhetoric of Reversal in 1 Corinthians Volume 155

    Paul and the Rhetoric of Reversal in 1 Corinthians: Volume 155
    Matthew R. Malcolm

    This book examines why Paul waits until the end of his letter to the Corinthians before mentioning the important theme of resurrection.

  • Original Sin

    Original Sin
    Tatha Wiley

    Theologian Tatha Wiley methodically traces the emergence and initial function of the doctrine of Original Sin, then follows its rich development through the patristic and medieval centuries, and pays particular attention to modern ideas …

  • How Do Catholics Read the Bible

    How Do Catholics Read the Bible?
    Daniel J. Harrington

    With chapters on how the Catholic canon came to be, what the Church teaches about the Bible, appropriate methods for analyzing Scripture passages, and how to incorporate the Bible into everyday life, this book is ideal for individual or …

  • More Than You Could Ever Imagine

    More Than You Could Ever Imagine
    Bernie Owens

    In More Than You Could Ever Imagine, Owens offers a glimpse of what we shall become, both individually and as a human race, transformed in Christ.

  • The Eternal Generation of the Son

    The Eternal Generation of the Son
    Kevin Giles

    Theologian Kevin Giles defends the historically orthodox doctrine of the eternal generation of the Son of God.

  • Becoming a Vessel of Honor

    Becoming a Vessel of Honor
    Rebecca Brown

    Power over Satan Can Be Yours This book is written for all those children of God who hunger and thirst after a close personal relationship with Him.

  • Introducing Christian Doctrine

    Introducing Christian Doctrine
    Millard J. Erickson, L. Hustad

    Erickson's careful theological reflection is here made accessible to any serious reader. "Clearly written and well-outlined, this book would serve as an excellent college textbook as well as being accessible to educated laypersons.

  • The Orphaned Manuscript

    The Orphaned Manuscript
    Alan D. Adler

    Without our knowing, the meeting of March 2-5 was the culmination of Adler’s work. He had brought with him the envelope marked DCMS. At long last, what he wanted to say and how the material should be composed had been reduced in the…

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