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  • The People are Holy

    The People are Holy
    Graydon F. Snyder, Doreen M. McFarlane

    Using biblical and historical data, this book first describes the biblical and theological basis for worship in the Free Church tradition, then shows how this tradition is expressed in worship at special occasions as well as in traditional …

  • Abbazie e monasteri d Italia

    Abbazie e monasteri d’Italia
    Michele d’ Innella

  • Palaeobyzantine Notations 3

    Palaeobyzantine Notations 3
    Gerda Wolfram

    Der vorliegende Band als Ergebnis einer Tagung von Musikologen und Byzantinisten in Schloss Hernen/NL, beleuchtet verschiedene Aspekte des byzantinischen und des daraus entsprungenen slavischen Kirchengesangs.

  • Gregorian Chant and the Carolingians

    Gregorian Chant and the Carolingians
    Kenneth Levy

    In Gregorian Chant and the Carolingians, which represents the culmination of his research, Levy seeks to change long-held perceptions about certain crucial stages of the evolution and dissemination of the old corpus of plainchant–most …

  • Desert Father

    Desert Father
    James Cowan

    Here is the stunning account of a modern seeker's quest to get beneath the legends that surround Anthony and to determine whether his extreme way of life has something to offer people in today's world.

  • JMJ Madrid 2011

    JMJ Madrid 2011
    Equipo Editorial

    Vive todas las experiencias de los jóvenes con Benedicto XVI | Crónica y reportaje gráfico de cuatro días que han marcado un hito en la historia de las JMJ | Todos los mensajes de Benedicto XVI | Opiniones de firmas relevantes.

  • Mudhouse Sabbath

    Mudhouse Sabbath
    Lauren F. Winner

    Kunst invites readers to explore midrash for the first time through a conversation between the author's own experiences and stories and insights of Jewish thought.

  • Unleashing the Word

    Unleashing the Word
    Max McLean, Warren Bird

    Simple, straightforward, and culturally relevant, this unique book provides the necessary tools to teach you how to read the Bible aloud, in a way that communicates its life-changing power!

  • The Beliefnet Guide to Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities

    The Beliefnet Guide to Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities
    Richard Valantasis

    The Beliefnet® Guide to Gnosticism and Other Vanished Christianities is a fascinating look at the diverse strands of the early Christian church.

  • Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics
    Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics David S Cunningham, David S. Cunningham

    This is the essential text for students of all ethics courses in theology, religious studies and philosophy.

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