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  • Making Room for Leadership

    Making Room for Leadership
    MaryKate Morse

    In Making Room for Leadership Morse explores different types of power in the body, delineating how each type can be used for good or for harm highlights how people gain and give leadership in group settings helps you identify the kind of …

  • David C Cook s KJV Bible Lesson Commentary

    David C. Cook’s KJV Bible Lesson Commentary
    Dan Lioy, David C Cook

    The David C. Cook Bible Lesson Commentary, NIV and KJV (formerly Peloubet's and Tarbell's), contains fifty-two weeks of Bible lessons based on the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) series.

  • Beginning Well

    Beginning Well
    Gordon T. Smith

    Gordon T. Smith contends that the key to complete and authentic Christian conversion is an appropriate theology of conversion–in other words, beginning well.

  • The Burden Is Light

    The Burden Is Light
    Jon Tyson

    This is a must read for each and every person trying to find their voice and purpose in a loud and frenetic world.

  • Leading God s People

    Leading God’s People
    Christopher A. Beeley

    Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including …

  • Hearing Things

    Hearing Things
    Leigh Eric Schmidt

    This book takes us into the ensuing debate about âeoehearing thingsâe âe"an intense, entertaining, even spectacular exchange over the auditory immediacy of popular Christian piety.The struggle was one of encyclopedic range, and Leigh …

  • Psychology in the Spirit

    Psychology in the Spirit
    John H. Coe, Todd W. Hall

    John H. Coe and Todd W. Hall tackle these and other provocative questions in this next volume of the Christian Worldview Integration Series which offers an introduction to a new approach to psychology that seeks to integrate psychology and …

  • The Mentoring Manifesto

    The Mentoring Manifesto
    Regi Campbell

    If you don’t read anything else in this book, read this: Helping younger men find the peace, purpose and fulfillment of living God-centric lives will give you unparalleled peace, purpose and fulfillment in your life.

  • More Than You Could Ever Imagine

    More Than You Could Ever Imagine
    Bernie Owens

    In More Than You Could Ever Imagine, Owens offers a glimpse of what we shall become, both individually and as a human race, transformed in Christ.

  • Diddy Disciples 1 September to December

    Diddy Disciples 1: September to December
    Sharon Moughtin-Mumby

    Book 1 includes: Over 20 weeks’ worth of fully worked-out sessions organized into 4-6 week units from September to December All the information you need to set up and run Diddy Disciples in your group Plenty of opportunities to tailor the …

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