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  • Leadership Essentials

    Leadership Essentials
    Carol Cartmill, Yvonne Gentile

    This book can be used by individuals in a continual private study, or by groups who are working together to build their leadership skills.

  • The Cheshire Teens Story

    The Cheshire Teens Story
    Ed Kenerson, Al Baines

    Within two years of implementing these basic principles, the church's youth program grew to over half the size of its adult congregation. This book will examine these principles and show the results that were obtained.

  • Preaching and Teaching the Psalms

    Preaching and Teaching the Psalms
    James Luther Mays

    Renowned and beloved Psalms scholar James Luther Mays shares in this book some of his most influential ideas about the Psalms and shows the reader how this rich Old Testament poetry can be taught and preached in the church.

  • Romero s Legacy

    Romero’s Legacy
    John P. Hogan

    This volume brings together the annual Romero Lectures presented in Camden, New Jersey, one of America's poorest cities.

  • Climbing the Ladder for Christ

    Climbing the Ladder for Christ
    Jack Smith

    Smith offers a fresh perspective on applying the principles and methods for more effective pastoral leadership by using simple thought processes and tools. (Ministry & Pastoral Resources)

  • Preparing the Way

    Preparing the Way
    Susan Mink, Nan Duerling, Ph.D.

    As she guides us through the lectionary texts of Advent 2012 in Preparing the Way, Sue Mink inspires us to claim for ourselves the call to prepare our hearts, our minds, and our lives for the coming of Jesus Christ in his birth and in his …

  • A Protestant Church in Communist China

    A Protestant Church in Communist China
    John Craig William Keating

    Freedom of religious belief is guaranteed under the constitution of the People’s Republic of China, but the degree to which this freedom is able to be exercised remains a highly controversial issue.

  • Band Together

    Band Together
    Ron Luce

    One Leader's Guide is included in the Band Together Kit Band Together: The Warrior's Code challenges teens to follow the cjrquot;codecjrquot; of a Christ-warrior.

  • The Courage to Lead

    The Courage to Lead
    James H. Harris

    This book focuses on pastoral and lay leadership in the African American church.

  • Missions Made Exciting for Adults

    Missions Made Exciting for Adults
    Elizabeth W. Crisci

    A great resource for encouraging your adults to get involved in local and foreign missions. Includes ideas that take five minutes (praying for missionaries) or five weeks (an overseas mission trip).

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