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  • Just Walk Across the Room Participant s Guide

    Just Walk Across the Room Participant’s Guide
    Bill Hybels

    Pastor Bill Hybels’s firm conviction is that the highest value in personal evangelism is being attuned to and cooperative with the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

  • Christmas Gifts That Won t Break

    Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break
    James W. Moore

    This study explores how the gifts of the Advent season have a permanence that speaks to generations of youth past, present, and future.

  • God s Story Your Story Participant s Guide

    God’s Story, Your Story Participant’s Guide
    Max Lucado

    Join America’s favorite Christian author for a personal look at the story of God’s eternal redemption being told through your individual story right now. Designed for use with the video.

  • Science and the Bible Volume 3

    Science and the Bible : Volume 3
    Donald B. DeYoung

    The book's thirty dynamic, easy, and safe science experiments illustrate the laws of nature, teach Bible principles, and affirm God's power as Creator to kids and teens.

  • Mi primera Biblia

    Mi primera Biblia
    Pedro Antonio Urbina

    Con esta primera Biblia, podrás conocer mejor el mensaje que Dios nos envía a todos nosotros. Y este mensaje dice lo que Dios ha hecho y hará por los hombres, porque nos quiere.

  • Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman
    Edna Ellison, Tricia Scribner

    Ellison and Scribner provide practical advice for women who are preparing to mentor. This workbook includes a scriptural outline for mentoring as a teacher, encourager, servant, counselor, and guide.

  • Out of God s Closet

    Out of God’s Closet
    Stephen Frederick Uhl

    Faithful Catholic priestbecomeatheist psychologist shows how he shucked and how the reader can shuck childhood prejudices and superstitions to thrill to the modified Golden Rule. This book could have been titled The Book of Tolerance.

  • Seeing the Light

    Seeing the Light
    Samuel Schuman

    Seeing the Light considers, instead, what can be learned from the viability of these institutions. The book begins with a history of post secondary U.S. education from the perspective of the religious traditions from which it arose.

  • The Teaching Ministry of the Church

    The Teaching Ministry of the Church
    James D. Smart

    Important topics addressed in this book include how to use the Bible in curriculum development and the relationship of the church to "secular" education.

  • How to Listen to a Sermon

    How to Listen to a Sermon
    Donald L. Berry

    This view presupposes a distinctive understanding of the sermonic or preaching event and this is illustrated by two homiletical assemblies —- for 'ordinary time' and for 'extraordinary times.

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