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  • Unlock the Bible Keys to Understanding the Scripture

    Unlock the Bible: Keys to Understanding the Scripture
    Ronald F. Youngblood

    Enrich your Bible study with one convenient book. Unlock the Bible: Keys to Understanding the Scripture includes the best articles on reading the books of the Bible, drawn from Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

  • Your Bible Questions Answered

    Your Bible Questions Answered
    Douglas A. Jacoby

    In this encouraging book, he helps readers by tackling the questions they may be too timid or intimidated to ask others.

  • Joshua Judges Ruth 1 2 Samuel

    Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel
    John R. Franke, Thomas C. Oden

    Editor John R. Franke presents commentary on portions of the Old Testament Historical Books–Joshua, Judges, Ruth and the Samuels– drawn from the writings of the church fathers from the first through the eighth centuries.

  • Let The Words Be Written

    Let The Words Be Written
    Philip C. Stine

    Bible translators, students and scholars of translation theory or cross-cultural studies, and general readers with an interest in the Bible will find this volume both accessible and enlightening.

  • Ministà rio Social Cristà o

    Ministério Social Cristão
    Alice Cirino, Mark Greenwood

    Propomos um Ministério Social Cristão que contribui para o combate não somente da pobreza que resulta da falta, mas também da pobreza daqueles que vivem com excesso.

  • Finding the Lost Images of God

    Finding the Lost Images of God
    Timothy S. Laniak

    Timothy S. Laniak illuminates this background for readers “from the ground up” with his archaeological and anthropological explanations of the contexts the authors lived in.

  • Que seulement de tes yeux tu regardes

    Que seulement de tes yeux tu regardes …
    Pierre Auffret

    It is thus possible to incorporate into the interpretation all the relationships inherent in the text itself, which thus provides a major part of its meanings.

  • The Complete Idiot s Guide to Biblical Mysteries

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Biblical Mysteries
    Donald Ryan

    Readers interested in the Bible, and Biblical stories. Viewers of the Discovery, and History Channel's and Unsolved Mysteries.

  • The New Moody Atlas of the Bible

    The New Moody Atlas of the Bible
    Barry J. Beitzel

    Dr. Barry Beitzel has blended the topographical and historical in multi-colored maps that accurately reflect evangelical Christianity. Pages of timeless information aid in sermon preparation and in personal Bible study.

  • New Testament Words

    New Testament Words
    William Barclay

    Studies the meaning of such key New Testament words as agape, charisma, and hubris in classical and Hellenistic Greek, the Septuagint, and the papyri

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