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  • Jesus

    Leith Anderson

    Well researched and finely crafted, this book will provide you with a new understanding of Jesus–an obscure rabbi with a handful of followers whose imprint is found in every generation that came after him.

  • Paul s Glory Christology

    Paul’s Glory-Christology
    Carey C. Newman

    " By using methodology developed in semantics, semiotics, and, more generally, literary theory, Newman examines the origin and rhetoric of Paul's Glory-Christology.The investigation involves three distinct tasks: (1) to plot the tradition …

  • Reflections on Words of the New Testament

    Reflections on Words of the New Testament
    W. E. Vine

    Reflections on Words of the New Testament presents important concepts found throughout the New Testament in straightforward language with special focus on how these words deepen your understanding of the meaning of Scripture.

  • Eve s Bible

    Eve’s Bible
    Sarah S. Forth, Ph.D.

    Eve's Bible is for every woman who has ever said, "I've always wanted to read the Bible but .

  • Selected Christian Hebraists

    Selected Christian Hebraists
    William McKane

    This is the first book on this subject that draws together such fields of scholarship as patristics, biblical scholarship, and translation problems.

  • Messianic I and Rastafari in New Testament Dialogue

    Messianic ‘I’ and Rastafari in New Testament Dialogue
    Delano Vincent Palmer

    Anyone familiar with the Rastafari movement and its connection with the Bible is struck by the prevalence of messianic I-locution found in both.

  • Who Is Jesus

    Who Is Jesus?
    Darrell L Bock

    This reader-friendly book examines twelve events, sayings, and teachings of Jesus, using ten well-accepted historical rules.

  • Thomas Love as Strong as Death

    Thomas – Love as Strong as Death
    Dennis Sylva

    Dennis Sylva provides the first major study which examines the paradox that Thomas is both opposed to a dominant theme in the Fourth Gospel – the eternal life that is a gift to Jesus' followers – and yet is in support of Jesus himself.

  • Rewriting Moses

    Rewriting Moses
    Brian Britt

    This is volume 14 in the Gender, Cutlure, Theory series and is volume 402 in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplements series.

  • Leading with Billy Graham

    Leading with Billy Graham
    Jay Dennis

    Filled with interviews and stories from many of Billy Graham's associates and eight pages of photographs, this book offers a fascinating look inside the most successful evangelistic ministry of modern times as well as an inspiring blueprint …

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