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  • The Atheist s Way

    The Atheist’s Way
    Eric Maisel

    A BLUEPRINT FOR A MEANINGFUL LIFE. In The Atheist's Way, Eric Maisel teaches you how to make rich personal meaning despite the absence of beneficent gods and the indifference of the universe to human concerns.

  • The Good Atheist

    The Good Atheist
    Dan Barker

    Offers a positive guide to leading a happy, fulfilling and morally focused life through the principles of free thought, rather than following any religious tenets, in a easy-to-follow plan that stresses altruistic living. Original.

  • Neither Created Nor Evolved

    Neither Created Nor Evolved
    Walter Prytulak

    This book will help you develop a plan, make looking for a job a full time job and how to create a resume and cover letter that will get noticed.

  • Help My Unbelief

    Help My Unbelief
    Geert Lernout

    Arguing that Joyce's unbelief is critical for a fuller understanding of his work, Lernout takes his title from Ulysses, "I believe, O Lord, help my unbelief.

  • Difficult Atheism

    Difficult Atheism
    Christopher Watkin

    Drawing primarily on the work of Alain Badiou and Jean-Luc Nancy, plus Quentin Meillassoux and Slavoj Zizek, Watkin explores the theme of atheism through the ideas of the death of God and nihilism in contemporary French philosophy.

  • Atheism as a Positive Social Force

    Atheism as a Positive Social Force
    Raymond W. Converse

    Unsatisfied with the definition of atheism as nothing more than the denial of something else, Converse sets out the basics of philosophical argument that supports the position of atheism in a world that still believes, and lives as if, God …

  • Religion in Secular Archives

    Religion in Secular Archives
    Sonja Luehrmann

    Through careful readings and comparisons of different documentary genres and depositories, this book opens up a difficult set of sources to students of religion and secularism.

  • The Atheists Way

    The Atheists Way
    Eric Maisel

    How do you bravely face the world as it is and create meaning for yourself without the crutch of a divine benefactor? Eric Maisel's wise suggestions, musings, and insights are a wonderful resource for your quest.

  • Taking on the Pledge of Allegiance

    Taking on the Pledge of Allegiance
    Ronald Bishop

    Explores atheist Michael Newdow’s constitutional challenge and how the news media marginalized him from the moment the Ninth Circuit handed down its controversial ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional.

  • Nameless God

    Nameless God
    Hal Hargreaves

    It triggers this author to suggest the option of a nameless god. The book can be a primer for the person interested in objective observations and willing to consider plausible implications—over orthodoxy.

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