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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls

    The Dead Sea Scrolls
    Arthur E. Palumbo

    Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

  • Archaeology and the Old Testament

    Archaeology and the Old Testament
    James B. Pritchard

    Measured by the number of centuries which have been annexed to man's history in a relatively few years, progress has been truly phenomenal. This book deals with the recent advance and with those pioneers to the past who made it possible.

  • Qumran Cave 4 Parabiblical texts Pseudo prophetic texts Volume 21 Part 4

    Qumran Cave 4: Parabiblical texts. Pseudo-prophetic texts, Volume 21, Part 4
    Devorah Dimant

    This is the fourth and last volume of parabiblical texts from Qumran Cave 4 and reveals once again the interest in biblical themes characteristic of Second Temple period Judaism, exhibited in many of the Qumran compositions.

  • The Brother of Jesus

    The Brother of Jesus
    Hershel Shanks, Ben Witherington, III

    The discovery of a limestone burial box with the inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus" set the world of biblical archaeology abuzz.

  • The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature

    The Image of the Jews in Greek Literature
    Bezalel Bar-Kochva

    Bezalel Bar-Kochva examines the references of these writers and others to the Jews in light of their literary output and personal background; their religious, social, and political views; their literary and stylistic methods; ethnographic …

  • Greek Myths

    Greek Myths
    Rob Shone

    In graphic novel format, presents three stories from Greek mythology. including tales about Jason and the Argonauts, Icarus and Daedulus, and the ten labors of Hercules.

  • Qumran Cave 1

    Qumran Cave 1
    D. Barthélemy, J. T. Milik

    Originally published in 1955, this volume is being reissued to make the entire series available to students and scholars of biblical and post-biblical Judaism and early Christianity.

  • Literatur und Religion 1

    Literatur und Religion, 1
    Anton Bierl, Rebecca Lämmle, Katharina Wesselmann

    Mythisch-rituelle Strukturen im Text (Castelen-Augst bei Basel, 16.-20.03.2005) und zwei zusätzliche Aufsätze. Zugleich bilden die beiden Volumina den Auftakt der neuen Basler altertumswissenschaftlichen Reihe MythosEikonPoiesis.

  • Qumran Cave 4

    Qumran Cave 4
    John Marco Allegro, Shemaryahu Talmon, Palestine Archaeological Museum

    This volume contains texts composed by the Qumran community which delineated its calendar, considered 'God-ordained'. Some of the texts were written in a unique script known as 'Cryptic A' indicating their esoteric and secret nature.

  • Jealous Gods and Chosen People

    Jealous Gods and Chosen People
    David Leeming

    This is followed by an in-depth discussion of the mythology of the region, covering individual pantheons, cosmic myths, mythic heroes, and much more.

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