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  • Communicating Risk

    Communicating Risk
    Jonathan Crichton, Christopher N. Candlin, Arthur S. Firkins

    Communicating Risk takes up this challenge, with contributions from leading researchers and practitioners that examine key issues of risk communication across diverse professional domains.

  • Measuring the Mind

    Measuring the Mind
    Denny Borsboom

    Denny Borsboom provides an in-depth treatment of the philosophical foundations of widely used measurement models in psychology.

  • Cognitive Contextual and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse

    Cognitive, Contextual, and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse
    Brad M. Hastings

    This study is designed to show how personality dispositions and cognitive variables may combine with social norms to influence wife abuse.

  • The Self concept Theory and research on selected topics Volume 2

    The Self-concept: Theory and research on selected topics, Volume 2
    Ruth C. Wylie

    Theory and Research on Selected topics. In this book we are provided with careful, critical, and lucid discussions of such topics as the relationship between race, sex, socioeconomic status, age and self-concept.

  • Personality Personality Disorder and Violence

    Personality, Personality Disorder and Violence
    Mary McMurran, Richard Howard

    Psychological functioning analysis includes neuroaffective processing, emotion recognition and empathy deficits. The book concludes with implications for research and practice.

  • The Lake With Two Dams

    The Lake With Two Dams
    Virginia Schroeder Burnham, William H. Hampton

    The authors created this book in the belief that everyone has a critical need for authentic, understandable information about mental illness and offer this book to enlighten you and enable you to discern between a mental illness and a …

  • Personality A Topical Approach

    Personality: A Topical Approach
    Robert B. Ewen

    In most cases, the discussion fails to do justice to the theorists and the relationship between the ideas and the empirical work is often tenuous at best. This book takes a different approach.

  • Choices for Living

    Choices for Living
    Thomas S. Langner

    In contrast, this book looks at the ways in which the fear of death operates on a back burner throughout our lives and how it influences the choices we make and the paths that we follow in life.

  • The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy

    The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy
    M. Altman, C. Coe

    The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy examines Freud's transformation of German philosophical approaches to freedom, history, and self-knowledge; defends a theory of situated knowledge and agency; and considers the relevance of …

  • Psychologie der Sprichw√ rter

    Psychologie der Sprichwörter
    Dieter Frey

    Dieses Buch untersucht g√§ngige Sprichw√∂rter des Volksmunds aus psychologisch-wissenschaftlicher Perspektive: Stimmen die alten Sprichw√∂rter mit den Erkenntnissen der modernen Wissenschaft √ľberein?

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