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  • You Unlimited

    You, Unlimited
    Joost Van Der Leij

    This work offers the latest techniques and tools developed in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help seekers to find their way.

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    Психология личности: Учебное пособие
    Слотина Татьяна Викторовна

    Издание представляет собой современное учебное пособие по одной из наиболее актуальных психологических дисциплин. В нем …

  • Psicologia delle organizzazioni

    Psicologia delle organizzazioni
    Alexander S. Haslam

  • Handbook of Temperament

    Handbook of Temperament
    Marcel Zentner, Rebecca L. Shiner

    Timely and authoritative, this unique handbook explores the breadth of current knowledge on temperament, from foundational theory and research to clinical applications.

  • Positive Psychology 101

    Positive Psychology 101
    Philip C. Watkins, PhD

    Written by a highly respected scholar and educator of positive psychology, this is a concise, accessible introduction to this popular field of study.

  • Personality

    Robert B. Ewen

    In most cases, the discussion fails to do justice to the theorists and the relationship between the ideas and the empirical work is often tenuous at best. This book takes a different approach.

  • Psychologie der Sprichw rter

    Psychologie der Sprichwörter
    Dieter Frey

    Dieses Buch untersucht gängige Sprichwörter des Volksmunds aus psychologisch-wissenschaftlicher Perspektive: Stimmen die alten Sprichwörter mit den Erkenntnissen der modernen Wissenschaft überein?

  • Self Efficacy Adaptation and Adjustment

    Self-Efficacy, Adaptation, and Adjustment
    James E. Maddux

    Covering over fifteen years of research, this compilation offers the first comprehensive review of the relationships between self-efficacy, adaptation, and adjustment.

  • Contemporary Masculinities

    Contemporary Masculinities
    Brendan Gough

    This book assesses the construction of masculinities in relation to appearance, embodiment and emotions by drawing on perspectives in psychology, sociology, gender studies and public health.

  • Rethinking Youth Wellbeing

    Rethinking Youth Wellbeing
    Katie Wright, Julie McLeod

    This volume offers a critical rethinking of the construct of youth wellbeing, stepping back from taken-for-granted and psychologically inflected understandings.

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