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  • Girlfighting

    Lyn Mikel Brown

    A psychological analysis of young female aggression notes the pervasiveness of negative women stereotypes in fairy tales and pop culture, examining the ways in which society reinforces and nurtures mean behavior in girls through …

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry
    Bank Street Coll Of Educ

    Written in the warm and reassuring Bank Street style, this is an authoritative, ground-breaking guide entriely devoted to the dilemmas of sibling rivalry.

  • Applications of Nonverbal Communication

    Applications of Nonverbal Communication
    Ronald E. Riggio, Robert Stephen Feldman

    The goal of this edited volume is to provide a much needed bridge between the research on nonverbal communication and the application of those findings. The book features contributions from some of the leading researchers in the field.

  • Visible Thought

    Visible Thought
    Geoffrey Beattie

    In this book Geoffrey Beattie ranges across the history of communication from Cicero to Chomsky to demonstrate that by adding to or even contradicting what we say, gestures literally make our true thoughts visible.

  • Aunties

    Ingrid Sturgis

    Through the vivid memories of real relationships, these narratives pay tribute to aunts everywhere. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Regional Conflict Management

    Regional Conflict Management
    Paul F. Diehl, Joseph Lepgold

    This collection of original essays is one of the first to examine the implications and efficacy of regional conflict management in the new world order.

  • Hero Within Rev Expanded Ed

    Hero Within – Rev. & Expanded Ed.
    Carol S. Pearson

    This book will speak deeply to the evolving hero in all of us and reverberate through every part of our lives.

  • Entendiendo a la Pareja Marcos Teoricos Para El Trabajo Terapeutico

    Entendiendo a la Pareja: Marcos Teoricos Para El Trabajo Terapeutico
    Luz De Lourdes Eguiluz

    Among the topics explored in this book are the patriarchal and matriarchal histories of couples in Mexican society, spirituality in the development of the marital relationship, lust and love in a narcissistic postmodernity, overcoming the …

  • Love Lessons from Bad Breakups

    Love Lessons from Bad Breakups
    Sherry Amatenstein

    In this unique and illuminating he said/she said guide to avoiding love-gone-wrong, 21 real-life couples spill it to widely-read advice columnist Sherry Amatenstein.

  • Treating Attachment Abuse

    Treating Attachment Abuse
    Steven Stosny, PhD

    This volume will be of interest to psychotherapists, group therapists, social workers, and counselors working with abusive clients and their victims.

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