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  • A Bioethical Analysis of Sexual Reorientation Interventions

    A Bioethical Analysis of Sexual Reorientation Interventions
    Travis K. Svensson

    Of text — Introduction — Section I: Ethics — A methodology for ethical analysis — The stakeholders and their issues — Section II: Morally relevant facts and fictions — Homosexual incidence and prevalence — Cross cultural sexuality — …

  • A Survey of Sex and Celibacy in Religion

    A Survey of Sex and Celibacy in Religion
    T. Clifton Longworth, Paul Tice

    Is being celibate psychologically helpful to monks, nuns, and others who must practice it? This book examines the role of sex in religion from the earliest known time of pre-Christian cults up into the modern day.

  • Sexuality and Chronic Illness

    Sexuality and Chronic Illness
    Leslie R. Schover, S?ren Buus Jensen

    This much-needed work presents a clear, sensitive, and practical guide for clinicians who treat sexual problems among chronically ill men and women.

  • Geographies of Girlhood

    Geographies of Girlhood
    Pamela J. Bettis, Natalie G. Adams

    These are the geographies of girlhood, the important sites of identity construction for girls and young women. This book is situated within the fledgling field of Girls Studies.

  • Theory based Assessment Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Aggression

    Theory-based Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Sexual Aggression
    Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

    In this book, Gordon Hall offers suggestions based on state-of-the science theory and research.

  • Disarming Cupid

    Disarming Cupid
    Scientific American Editors

    Disarming Cupid: Love, Sex and Science by the Editors of Scientific American Sometimes All You Need Is Love; sometimes Love Is a Battlefield.

  • Girls and Aggression

    Girls and Aggression
    Marlene M. Moretti, Candice Odgers, Margaret Jackson

    Girls and Aggression will be of interest to academic researchers and mental health practitioners alike by providing an up-to-date and comprehensive view of this important and underexplored area.

  • Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Votre mariage restera dans les annales ! Écrit à quatre mains par une wedding planner et une journaliste du Figaro (qui parlent encore de leur mariage avec des étoiles plein les yeux !), Organiser son mariage pour les Nuls vous simplifie …

  • American Holocaust

    American Holocaust
    David E. Stannard

    Indeed, as historian David E. Stannard argues in this stunning new book, the European and white American destruction of the native peoples of the Americas was the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.

  • Sexy Bodies

    Sexy Bodies
    Elizabeth A. Grosz, Elspeth Probyn

    The collection includes two important pieces of fiction by Mary Fallon and Nicole Brossard.

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