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  • Teaching Freud

    Teaching Freud
    Diane Jonte-Pace Professor of Religious Studies and Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development Santa Clara University

    How can Freud be taught in a climate of critique and controversy? The fourteen contributors to this volume, all recognized scholars of religion and psychoanalysis, describe how they address Freud's contested legacy; they "teach the debates.

  • The A B C of Nerves Psychology Revivals

    The A B C of Nerves (Psychology Revivals)
    D.F. Fraser-Harris

    Originally published in 1928, the preface reads: "It is almost impossible to distinguish between what is ‘elementary’ and what is ‘advanced’ in regard to the nervous system.

  • Shrinking History

    Shrinking History
    David E. Stannard

    Attacks the theory and fundamental concepts of psychohistory, the formation of psychoanalytic hypotheses about history, challenging the validity of the evidence and logic used to support its claims

  • In Freud s Shadow

    In Freud’s Shadow
    Paul E. Stepansky

    In its detailed, interpretive reconsideration of Adler's involvement with Freud and psychoanalysis, In Freud's Shadow constitutes a seminal contribution to our historical understanding of the early psychoanalytic movement.

  • A Century of Psychiatry Psychotherapy and Group Analysis

    A Century of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Group Analysis
    Ronald Sandison

    This book brings together the key ideas in psychotherapy in the last century: it gives an essential overview that will enable practitioners and theoreticians to gain a deeper understanding of their own work and its significance within the …

  • History of Psychology

    History of Psychology
    D. Brett King, William Douglas Woody, Wayne Viney

    A History of Psychology: Ideas & Context, 5/e, traces psychological thought from antiquity through early 21st century advances, giving students a thorough look into psychology’s origins and development.

  • Psychology and Law in a Changing World

    Psychology and Law in a Changing World
    Lara Bagnoli, Giovanni B. Traverso

    Criminal psychology, and its relationship to the practice of law, has become a topic of major significance over the last three decades.

  • Mad Bad and Sad A History of Women and the Mind Doctors

    Mad, Bad, and Sad: A History of Women and the Mind Doctors
    Lisa Appignanesi

    An intellectual history of the relationship between women and mental illness throughout the two past centuries examines the disorders of famous women, traces the evolution of psychotherapy as it pertains to the female gender, and considers …

  • The Human Hand

    The Human Hand
    Charlotte Wolff

    Originally published in 1942, this book was very different from anything else written about the psychology of hands.

  • The Organisation and Impact of Social Research

    The Organisation and Impact of Social Research
    Marten Shipman

    The book shows how ingenuity and persistence as well as technical competence lie at the heart of the research process.

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