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  • True Stories of CSI

    True Stories of CSI
    Katherine Ramsland

    The bestselling forensic psychologist examines the true crimes that inspired the television smash hit, C.S.I. Katherine Ramsland follows the evidence and revisits some of the most absorbing episodes of the phenomenally popular C.S.I. …

  • Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles

    Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles
    Randy Borum, David Allan Verhaagen

    Highly practical and accessible, this is an indispensable resource for any mental health practitioner working with youth at risk for violent behavior.

  • Murder Gender and the Media

    Murder, Gender and the Media
    Jane Monckton-Smith

    This volume is a shocking insight into the way the idea of romantic love can justify and excuse the killing of women by their spouses and partners, and lead to sympathy and reduced prison sentences for the killers.

  • Scoring the Rorschach

    Scoring the Rorschach
    Robert F. Bornstein, Joseph M. Masling

    This is unfortunate, because some of these systems have tremendous clinical value.

  • Working with Sex Offenders

    Working with Sex Offenders
    Daniel Wilcox, Marguerite Donathy, Rosie Gray, Clark Baim

    This volume, which is derived from well-received presentations hosted by the UK’s National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA) over a number of years, also offers a detailed examination of individual, organisational and …

  • Introduction to Applied Demography Data Sources and Estimation Issue 39

    Introduction to Applied Demography: Data Sources and Estimation …, Issue 39
    Norfleet W. Rives, William J. Serow

    'This is a handy, concise primer that summarizes various fundamentals of particular interest to the field (estimating total populations, household sizes, etc.)' — Population Today, October 1984

  • Treating Sexual Offenders

    Treating Sexual Offenders
    William L. Marshall, Liam E. Marshall, Geris A. Serran, Yolanda M. Fernandez

    The Therapist Rating Scale used and referenced throughout the text is available for download below. Therapist Rating Scale (pdf file)

  • Criminal Psychology

    Criminal Psychology
    Francis J. Pakes, Suzanne Pakes

    This book provides an accessible introduction to the increasingly popular subject of criminal psychology.

  • The Anatomy of Evil

    The Anatomy of Evil
    Michael H. Stone, MD

    FROM NARCISSISM TO AGGRESSION, AN ORIGINAL LOOK AT THE PERSONALITY TRAITS AND BEHAVIORS THAT CONSTITUTE EVIL In this groundbreaking book, renowned psychiatrist Michael H. Stone explores the concept and reality of evil from a new perspective …

  • The Word of a Woman

    The Word of a Woman?
    J. Jordan

    This book is unique in combining police file data with interviews obtained from both rape survivors and detectives in order to critically explore how this belief affects police officers' responses to women who report rape.

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