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  • When Professionals Weep

    When Professionals Weep
    Renee S. Katz, Therese G. Johnson

    Diverse leaders in the field of death, dying, and bereavement, address the issues surrounding the intersection of the personal and the professional in the unique context of end-of-life care.

  • A la vejez viruelas

    A la vejez, viruelas
    Julio García Llopis

    Una reciente estadística ha venido a confirmar el significativo aumento de las rupturas de pareja entre personas mayores de 60 años, lo que desconcierta a los sicólogos y pone en tela de juicio las ideas preconcebidas sobre la llamada …

  • Positive Psychology 101

    Positive Psychology 101
    Philip C. Watkins, PhD

    Written by a highly respected scholar and educator of positive psychology, this is a concise, accessible introduction to this popular field of study.

  • Mal d amore

    Mal d’amore
    Valerio Albisetti

  • Capire chi ci sta di fronte

    Capire chi ci sta di fronte
    Carla Curina Cucchi, Maurizio Grassi

    ePub: FL0474; PDF: FL1746

  • A SCUOLA CON BES E DSA Dall intelligenza emotiva al cooperative learning all utilizzo dell ICF per una didattica inclusiva

    A SCUOLA CON BES E DSA. Dall’intelligenza emotiva al cooperative learning all’utilizzo dell’ICF per una didattica inclusiva
    Fernando Salvatore Fiore

    Fernando Salvatore Fiore insegna filosofia e storia presso i licei.

  • Eat Q

    Eat Q
    Susan Albers

    If you've ever asked yourself, "Why do I know how to eat healthier to lose weight but don't do it?" this is the perfect book for you.

  • How We Choose to Be Happy

    How We Choose to Be Happy
    Rick Foster, Greg Hicks

    Now featuring new research and the most current information on the science of happiness, this book presents an outline of the nine choices happy people consistently make.

  • L antispocchia

    Fulvio Scaparro

    Con scrittura divertente e leggera, Fulvio Scaparro racconta di questa umanità molesta, e ci regala una guida preziosa per sopravvivere ai seccatori che ogni giorno assediano la nostra pazienza.

  • Safer Sex in Personal Relationships

    Safer Sex in Personal Relationships
    Tara M. Emmers-Sommer, Mike Allen

    This book focuses on safer sex discussion and practice in close, personal relationships, emphasizing research on individuals in personal relationship types that are experiencing a rise in HIV infection and AIDS.

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