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  • How Toddlers Thrive

    How Toddlers Thrive
    Tovah P Klein

    A smart and useful guide, this book cracks the preschooler code, revealing what you can do to help your toddler grow into a fulfilled child and adult‚ÄĒwhile helping you and your toddler live more happily together now, and every day.

  • Creating Loving Attachments

    Creating Loving Attachments
    Daniel Hughes, Kim Golding

    This book shows why these elements are so important to a child's development, and demonstrates to parents and carers how they can incorporate them into their day-to-day parenting.

  • The Adult Learner

    The Adult Learner
    Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton III, Richard A. Swanson

    This eighth edition has been thoughtfully updated in terms of structure, content, and style. On top of this, online material and added chapter-level reflection questions make this classic text more accessible than ever.

  • Psychologie der Sprichw√ rter

    Psychologie der Sprichwörter
    Dieter Frey

    Dieses Buch untersucht g√§ngige Sprichw√∂rter des Volksmunds aus psychologisch-wissenschaftlicher Perspektive: Stimmen die alten Sprichw√∂rter mit den Erkenntnissen der modernen Wissenschaft √ľberein?

  • Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems

    Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems
    Cathy A. Malchiodi, David A. Crenshaw

    This book vividly shows how creative arts and play therapy can help children recover from experiences of disrupted or insecure attachment.

  • Assumptions about Human Nature

    Assumptions about Human Nature
    Lawrence S. Wrightsman

    Wrightsman designed this second edition of his book to enhance our understanding of many significant issues about human nature, including the relationship of attitudes to behaviour, the unidimensionality of attitudes and the influence of …

  • Theoretical Perspectives in Environment Behavior Research

    Theoretical Perspectives in Environment-Behavior Research
    Seymour Wapner

    Following upon the Handbook of Japan-United States Environment-Behavior Research, published by Plenum in 1997, leading experts review the interrelationships among theory, problem, and method in environment-behavior research.

  • The Handbook of Aging and Cognition

    The Handbook of Aging and Cognition
    Fergus I. M. Craik, Timothy A. Salthouse

    This edition continues to feature the broad range of its predecessors, while also providing critical assessments of current theories and findings.

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development

    The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development
    Brian Hopkins, Elena Geangu, Sally Linkenauger

    Updated and expanded to 124 entries, The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development remains the authoritative reference in the field.

  • Helping Adolescents at Risk

    Helping Adolescents at Risk

    This comprehensive volume reviews current knowledge about multiple problem behaviors in adolescence, focusing on "what works" in prevention and treatment.

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