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  • Behavioural and Morphological Asymmetries in Amphibians and Reptiles

    Behavioural and Morphological Asymmetries in Amphibians and Reptiles
    Yegor Malashichev, Lesley J. Rogers

    This is the first attempt to integrate and overview the works in the young field of study of lateralization in herpetological subjects, which is only about five years old.

  • Representations Targets and Attitudes

    Representations, Targets, and Attitudes
    Robert Cummins

    Distinguished philosopher of mind Robert Cummins looks at the familiar problems of representation theory (what information is represented in the mind, what form mental representation takes, how representational schemes are implemented in …

  • Superminds

    Selmer Bringsjord, M. Zenzen

    This is the first book-length presentation and defense of a new theory of human and machine cognition, according to which human persons are superminds.

  • Consciousness and Intentionality

    Consciousness and Intentionality
    Grant R. Gillett, John McMillan

    This book considers questions such as these and argues for a conception of consciousness, mental content and intentionality that is anti-Cartesian in its major tenets.

  • The Unity of Mind Brain and World

    The Unity of Mind, Brain and World
    Alfredo Pereira, Jr, Dietrich Lehmann

    This book on consciousness spans the relation of individuals with the world and the individual's constitution at different organizational levels.

  • Psychology and Nihilism

    Psychology and Nihilism
    Fred J. Evans

    From the foreword: Evans effectively unmasks the pretention of cognitive psychology to be at once scientific and humanistic that is, to represent both of these strands in modernist thought.

  • Animating Expressive Characters for Social Interaction

    Animating Expressive Characters for Social Interaction
    Lola CaƱamero, Ruth Aylett

    How can such artefacts be given emotional displays that are believable and acceptable to humans? This is the central question of Animating Expressive Characters for Social Interaction.

  • Forgotten Ideas Neglected Pioneers

    Forgotten Ideas, Neglected Pioneers
    Daniel L. Schacter

    This book examines Semon's contribution to memory research.

  • Connectionist Psychology

    Connectionist Psychology
    Rob Ellis, Glyn W. Humphreys

    This textbook provides an introduction and review of connectionist models applied to psychological topics.

  • Spatial Language

    Spatial Language
    Kenny R. Coventry, P. Olivier

    The book will appeal to all those interested in spatial language and spatial representation, whether they work in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, cognitive psychology or linguistics.

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