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  • Psychoneural Reduction

    Psychoneural Reduction
    John Bickle

    John Bickle presents a new type of reductionism, one that is stronger than one-way dependency yet sidesteps the arguments that sank classical reductionism.

  • Logik Des Misslingens

    Logik Des Misslingens:
    Dietrich Dörner

    An incisive analysis of real-life situations that helps all those involved in any kind of strategic planning recognize and avoid logical yet devastating errors.

  • Behavioural and Morphological Asymmetries in Amphibians and Reptiles

    Behavioural and Morphological Asymmetries in Amphibians and Reptiles
    Yegor Malashichev, Lesley J. Rogers

    This is the first attempt to integrate and overview the works in the young field of study of lateralization in herpetological subjects, which is only about five years old.

  • Even Odder Perceptions

    Even Odder Perceptions
    Richard Langton Gregory

    Each individual essay stands complete on its own; yet read as a whole, the book is an insightful and entertaining study on the magic of human perception.

  • An Investigation of the Laws of Thought

    An Investigation of the Laws of Thought
    George Boole

    A timeless introduction to the field and a landmark in symbolic logic, showing that classical logic can be treated algebraically.

  • Adult Education

    Adult Education
    Patricia N. Blakely

    One of the most important differences is that adults have accumulated knowledge and experience that can add or hinder the learning experience. This new book presents recent studies on this topic from several perspectives.

  • Visual Perception

    Visual Perception
    Nicholas J. Wade, Michael Swanston

    The 3rd Edition of Visual Perception is a readable, accessible and truly relevant introduction to the world of perception and will be welcomed by students of visual perception as well as anyone with a general interest in the mysteries and …

  • Superminds

    Selmer Bringsjord, M. Zenzen

    This is the first book-length presentation and defense of a new theory of human and machine cognition, according to which human persons are superminds.

  • Consciousness and Intentionality

    Consciousness and Intentionality
    Grant R. Gillett, John McMillan

    This book considers questions such as these and argues for a conception of consciousness, mental content and intentionality that is anti-Cartesian in its major tenets.

  • The Unity of Mind Brain and World

    The Unity of Mind, Brain and World
    Alfredo Pereira, Jr, Dietrich Lehmann

    This book on consciousness spans the relation of individuals with the world and the individual's constitution at different organizational levels.

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