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  • Party Organization and Activism in the American South

    Party Organization and Activism in the American South
    Robert P. Steed

    These new essays map the ways political parties remain vital components in the American political system, especially in the eleven states in the South.

  • Deepening Democracy in Latin America

    Deepening Democracy in Latin America
    Kurt von Mettenheim, James M. Malloy

    Ten leading scholars of the region present original research to argue that theories of democratic consolidation or institutionalization are too often Euro- and ethno-centric; that simple appeals for greater participation are insufficient; …

  • The Rationalizing Voter

    The Rationalizing Voter
    Milton Lodge, Charles S. Taber

    This book develops and tests a dual-process theory of political beliefs, attitudes and behavior, claiming that all thinking, feeling, reasoning and doing have an automatic component as well as a conscious deliberative component.

  • Airwaves

    William O’Shaughnessy

    Air Waves is a collection of poignant, vividly portrayed, and emotion-laden stories written for the airwaves, under the guise of "editorials of the air.

  • The New Violent Cartography

    The New Violent Cartography
    Michael J. Shapiro

    This edited volume seeks to propose and examine different, though related, critical responses to modern cultures of war among other cultural practices of statecraft.

  • Universal Empire

    Universal Empire
    Peter Fibiger Bang, Dariusz Kolodziejczyk

    This book traces its various manifestations in classical antiquity, the Islamic world, Asia and Central America as well as considering seventeenth- and eighteenth-century European discussions of international order.

  • Get Out the Vote

    Get Out the Vote
    Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber

    This readable, practical guide on voter mobilization is sure to be an important resource for consultants, candidates, and grassroots organizations, as well as a valuable teaching tool in courses on campaigns and elections.

  • Atlas of the 2012 Elections

    Atlas of the 2012 Elections
    J. Clark Archer, Fiona Davidson, Erin H. Fouberg, Kenneth C. Martis, Richard L. Morrill, Fred M. Shelley, Robert H. Watrel, Gerald R. Webster

    Bringing together leading political geographers and political scientists, this authoritative atlas analyzes and maps the campaigns, primaries, general election, and key state referenda in the 2012 elections.

  • Black Atlantic Politics

    Black Atlantic Politics
    William E. Nelson

    Groundbreaking research on Black political participation and urban race relations on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Expression Vs Equality

    Expression Vs. Equality
    J. Tobin Grant, Thomas J. Rudolph

    Equality, J. Tobin Grant and Thomas J. Rudolph argue that although public opinion plays a vital role in judicial rulings on the legalities of various finance reform options, political scientists have yet to realize fully the complexities …

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