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  • The Comintern

    The Comintern
    Duncan Hallas

    The Comintern, from its years as a school of strategy and tactics, to its Stalinist demise.

  • Building Red America

    Building Red America
    Thomas B. Edsall

    This is a masterful-and disturbing-work of political journalism that challenges all of us to wake up and take heed

  • The Roots of American Communism

    The Roots of American Communism

    But Draper rescues this chapter with deep appreciation for the fact that communism was not something that happened just in Russia, but also in the United States. This is a must read for scholars and laypersons alike."–BOOK JACKET.

  • The Liberal Conscience

    The Liberal Conscience
    Lucas Swaine

    Lucas Swaine challenges conventional thought & calls for a return to liberal traditions to bridge the gap between liberal societies & theocratic communities.

  • Laclau and Mouffe

    Laclau and Mouffe
    Anna Marie Smith

    Laclau and Mouffe: The Radical Democratic Imaginaryprovides both a much needed overview of Laclau and Mouffe's thinking and how that thinking may be challenged and developed.

  • Congress Confronts the Court

    Congress Confronts the Court
    Colton C. Campbell, John F. Stack

    At the same time, Congress is cast as a singularly political enterprise with little regard for nuanced lawmaking. This volume of original essays by leading scholars shows both branches in a new light.

  • Emma Goldman

    Emma Goldman
    Vivian Gornick

    Looks at the life of Emma Goldman, a Jewish immigrant, anarchist, and supporter of women's rights and sexual freedom.

  • Cultures in Refuge

    Cultures in Refuge
    Dr Anna Hayes, Dr Robert Mason

    Questioning the manner in which the reception of sanctuary in modern Australia changes migrants' sense of belonging, this interdisciplinary volume focuses on the disjuncture between receiving sanctuary and feeling secure in one's self and …

  • Anarchy

    Peter Glassgold

    Goldman was imprisoned and ultimately deported to her native Russia. This new edition includes the transcripts from the trial and the summations of both Alexander Berkman and Goldman.

  • Banche centrali e democrazia Istituzioni moneta e competizione politica

    Banche centrali e democrazia. Istituzioni, moneta e competizione politica
    Giovanni B. Pittaluga, Giampiero Cama

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