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  • Democracies

    Barbara Wejnert

    "This volume of [title] series is devoted to health problems, challenges, and accomplishments in democratic societies.

  • Deepening Democracy in Latin America

    Deepening Democracy in Latin America
    Kurt von Mettenheim, James M. Malloy

    Ten leading scholars of the region present original research to argue that theories of democratic consolidation or institutionalization are too often Euro- and ethno-centric; that simple appeals for greater participation are insufficient; …

  • British Political Facts

    British Political Facts
    D. Butler

    The 10th edition of a library classic, British Political Facts records the who, the what and when of British political life from 1900 to the present day.

  • Do Facts Matter

    Do Facts Matter?
    Jennifer L. Hochschild, Katherine Levine Einstein

    In Do Facts Matter? Jennifer L. Hochschild and Katherine Levine Einstein start with Thomas Jefferson’s ideal citizen, who knows and uses correct information to make policy or political choices.

  • The Paradox of Democracy in Latin America

    The Paradox of Democracy in Latin America
    Katherine Isbester

    Inviting in tone and organization but rigorous in its scholarship, this collection focuses on the problems, successes, and multiple forms of democracy in Latin America.

  • Civilizing Globalization

    Civilizing Globalization
    Richard Sandbrook

    Discusses the many facets of globalization in easy to understand language.

  • Germany s Second Chance

    Germany’s Second Chance
    Anne Sa’adah

    Democracy offers the compromised–and many who were more than just compromised–a second chance. In this new book, Anne Sa'adah explores twentieth-century Germany's second chances.

  • La rĂ novation de l hĂ ritage dĂ mocratique

    La rĂ©novation de l’hĂ©ritage dĂ©mocratique
    Anne Trépanier

    Les expressions politiques du Québec et du Canada donnent l’impression d’une quête identitaire perpétuelle.

  • Political Thought in Canada

    Political Thought in Canada
    Katherine Fierlbeck

    In this book, Katherine Fierlbeck looks at the legacy of ideas taken from (or shaped in reaction to) the nations that have been most influential to Canada's development: the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Feminist Time Against Nation Time

    Feminist Time Against Nation Time
    Victoria Hesford

    The collection pursues the following questions: how do the specific temporalities of nationalism and war limit and delimit public spaces in which dissent might happen; and how might we account for the often contradictory and ambiguous …

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