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  • The Liberal Conscience

    The Liberal Conscience
    Lucas Swaine

    In this bold new work, Lucas Swaine combines discussions of political philosophy and real-world events to provide solutions to this seemingly intractable conflict.

  • The Twilight of Equality

    The Twilight of Equality?
    Lisa Duggan

    Ultimately,The Twilight of Equality? not only reveals how the highly successful rhetorical maneuvers of neoliberalism have functioned but, more importantly, it shows a way to revitalize and unify progressive politics in the U.S. today.

  • Teaching Contested Narratives

    Teaching Contested Narratives
    Zvi Bekerman, Michalinos Zembylas

    Through a detailed analysis, Teaching Contested Narratives reveals the works of identity, historical narratives and memory as these are enacted in classroom dialogues, canonical texts and school ceremonies.

  • Derecha e izquierda

    Derecha e izquierda
    Norberto Bobbio

    Uno de los títulos más emblemáticos del catálogo de Taurus, Derecha e izquierda, un auténtico best-seller del pensamiento político. ¿Existen aún la izquierda y la derecha?

  • The Psychology of Socialism

    The Psychology of Socialism
    Gustave Le Bon

    The Psychology of Socialism was first published in 1899 in a period of crisis for French democracy.

  • Politik Etnik

    Politik Etnik
    Sofyan Sjaf

    Gejala ketimpangan etnisitas,praktik dominasi bias etnik (kekuasaan simbolik, ekonomi,dan politik),dan lain sebagainya,merupakan ancaman sekaligus tantangan bersama bagi kita untuk memperlakukan politik ldentltas dalam arena ekonoml polltlk …

  • Liberation Technology

    Liberation Technology
    Larry Diamond, Marc F. Plattner

    This book also includes in-depth analysis of specific technologies such as Ushahidi – a platform developed to document human-rights abuses in the wake of Kenya's 2007 elections-and alkasir – a tool that has been used widely throughout the …

  • The Tyranny of Clich s

    The Tyranny of Clichés
    Jonah Goldberg

    According to Jonah Goldberg, if the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, the greatest trick liberals ever pulled was convincing themselves that they’re not ideological.

  • Democracy for Hire

    Democracy for Hire
    Dennis W. Johnson

    As Dennis Johnson argues in this history of political consulting in the United States, they are essential to modern campaigning, often making positive contributions to democratic discourse, and yet they have also polarized the electorate …


    Ibnu Budiman

    Kajian ini mencoba menelusuri risalah pergerakan mahasiswa UI melalui sebuah studi kasus pada Tahun 2012 sebagai puncak dominasi salah satu kelompok ; Kelompok Tarbiyah yang berafiliasi kuat dengan salah satu parpol yang terinspirasi …

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