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  • Hybrid Forms of Peace

    Hybrid Forms of Peace
    Oliver P. Richmond, Audra Mitchell

    This book examines the role of everyday action in accepting, resisting and reshaping interventions, and the unique forms of peace that emerge from the interactions between local and international actors.

  • Shared Society or Benign Apartheid

    Shared Society or Benign Apartheid?
    John Nagle, Mary-Alice C. Clancy

    This book analyses the role power sharing, social movements, economic regeneration, urban space, memorialisation and symbols play in transforming divided societies into shared peaceful ones.

  • Bosnia and the New Collective Security

    Bosnia and the New Collective Security
    Elinor Camille Sloan

    This work examines two complex and interrelated topics: the role of peacekeeping and related operations in managing nontraditional crises, and the international community's response to the recent conflict in Bosnia.

  • Cooperative Peacekeeping in Africa

    Cooperative Peacekeeping in Africa
    Malte Brosig

    This book examines peacekeeping in Africa, exploring how the various actors are forming an African security regime complex.

  • Transformative Change

    Transformative Change
    Laura E. Reimer, Cathryne L. Schmitz, Emily M. Janke, Ali Askerov, Barbara T. Strahl, Thomas G. Matyók

    This book is designed as an undergraduate textbook to be used as a foundation text for peace and conflict studies (PACS) programs or for anyone interested in an overview of the field of peace and conflict studies.

  • An Island in Europe

    An Island in Europe
    James Ker-Lindsay, Hubert Faustmann, Fiona Mullen

    This book is an important contribution to an understanding of contemporary Cyprus.

  • From Mercenaries to Market

    From Mercenaries to Market
    Simon Chesterman, Chia Lehnardt

    This volume examines the interaction between regulation and market forces and analyzes the current legal framework and the needs and possibilities for regulation in the years ahead.

  • The Conscious Activist

    The Conscious Activist
    James O’Dea

    There is a rising tension in the book as the author engages in the contrasting requirements of inner development and outer change work in the world.

  • Nuevas crà nicas palestinas

    Nuevas crónicas palestinas
    Edward W. Said

    En estas Nuevas crónicas palestinas se ha conservado una tercera parte de los artículos del primer libro para ayudar al lector a entender la evolución posterior de los acontecimientos, y se presentan veintitrés nuevos artículos de …

  • African Truth Commissions and Transitional Justice

    African Truth Commissions and Transitional Justice
    John Perry, T. Debey Sayndee

    Using an inductive methodology based on one key component of transitional justice—namely, truth commissions—African Truth Commissions and Transitional Justice attempts to place them within the context of other elements such as trials of …

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