Books in category Political Science – NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

  • International Organizations as Orchestrators

    International Organizations as Orchestrators
    Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal, Bernhard Zangl

    This book shows how international organizations achieve their governance goals, despite limited resources, by 'orchestrating' NGOs and other intermediaries.

  • Quakers in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    Quakers in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Nancy Gallagher

    Early efforts by peacemakers in the world's longest refugee crisis

  • Social Movement Dynamics

    Social Movement Dynamics
    Federico M. Rossi, Marisa von B├╝low

    This book presents an overview of new approaches to the study of social movements emerging out of Latin America, based on original and innovative analyses of the recent changes in collective action across the region.

  • Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti

    Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti
    Mark Schuller

    The book shows how Haitian people were removed from any real decision-making, replaced by a top-down, NGO-dominated system of humanitarian aid, led by an army of often young, inexperienced foreign workers.

  • Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State

    Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State
    Rachel Laforest

    Rachel Laforest shows how members of voluntary organizations have struggled for a stronger voice in policy making and redefined their relationship to the federal government through key collaborations.

  • Rebalancing Society

    Rebalancing Society
    Henry Mintzberg

    Our world is out of balance, says Henry Mintzberg, and the consequences are proving fateful: the degradation of our environment, the demise of our democracies, and the denigration of ourselves, with greed having been raised to some sort of …

  • Humanitarianism in Question

    Humanitarianism in Question
    Michael Barnett, Thomas G. Weiss

    Saying "No" to Wal-Mart? Money and Morality in Professional Humanitarianism – STEPHEN HOPGOOD 5. Humanitarian Organizations: Accountable-Why, to Whom, for What, and How? – JANICE GROSS STEIN 6.

  • El ministerio sacerdotal en C├ ritas

    El ministerio sacerdotal en Cáritas
    Vicente Altaba Gargallo

    Este documento que ofrecemos desde Cáritas Española recoge una reflexión sobre el ministerio de la caridad en la vida del sacerdote, y más concretamente sobre la importancia y tarea del ministerio sacerdotal en Cáritas.

  • Russian Civil Society

    Russian Civil Society
    Alfred B. Evans, Laura A. Henry, Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom

    This book analyzes the Russian context and considers the roles of the media, business, organized crime, the church, the village, and the Putin administration in shaping the terrain of public life.

  • NGO Accountability

    NGO Accountability
    Lisa Jordan, Peter van Tuijl

    But who do NGOs actually represent? Who should they be accountable to and how? This book provides the first comprehensive examination of the issues and politics of NGO accountability across all sectors and internationally.

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