Books in category Political Science – NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

  • Agenda Setting the UN and NGOs

    Agenda Setting, the UN, and NGOs
    Jutta M. Joachim

    Jutta Joachim tells the story of how, in the years leading up to these decisions, women's organizations got savvy — framing the issues strategically, seizing political opportunities in the international environment, and taking advantage of …

  • Freedom from Poverty

    Freedom from Poverty
    Daniel P.L. Chong

    This book provides valuable concepts to human rights practitioners, political scientists, antipoverty advocates, and leaders who are serious about ending widespread privation and disease.

  • Good Cop Bad Cop

    Good Cop/Bad Cop
    Thomas Lyon

    For students of the social sciences and NGO practitioners, this book takes an important step in addressing an urgent need for objective study of NGO operations and their effectiveness.

  • Assembl√ e Parlementaire Documents de s√ ance Session ordinaire de 1997 Deuxi√ me partie tome IV 2125 avril 1997

    Assemblée Parlementaire Documents de séance Session ordinaire de 1997 (Deuxième partie, tome IV), 2125 avril 1997

  • International Organizations as Orchestrators

    International Organizations as Orchestrators
    Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal, Bernhard Zangl

    This book shows how international organizations achieve their governance goals, despite limited resources, by 'orchestrating' NGOs and other intermediaries.

  • Representations of Global Poverty

    Representations of Global Poverty
    Nandita Dogra

    This book should become the starting point for future debates on representations and global poverty that concern not just charities, international aid bodies, governments and academic institutions but all of us who live in a deeply …

  • Quakers in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    Quakers in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Nancy Gallagher

    Early efforts by peacemakers in the world's longest refugee crisis

  • Social Movement Dynamics

    Social Movement Dynamics
    Federico M. Rossi, Marisa von B√ľlow

    This book presents an overview of new approaches to the study of social movements emerging out of Latin America, based on original and innovative analyses of the recent changes in collective action across the region.

  • Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State

    Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State
    Rachel Laforest

    Rachel Laforest shows how members of voluntary organizations have struggled for a stronger voice in policy making and redefined their relationship to the federal government through key collaborations.

  • Rebalancing Society

    Rebalancing Society
    Henry Mintzberg

    Our world is out of balance, says Henry Mintzberg, and the consequences are proving fateful: the degradation of our environment, the demise of our democracies, and the denigration of ourselves, with greed having been raised to some sort of …

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